A Super Week

Happy Monday everyone! Last week started a new challenge for me- the Total Strength Program on Peloton. It's always fun to have workouts laid out for you, and I enjoyed getting started and can't wait to see how the next three weeks go!

Here's a look at how my week went-


60 min 90's Bike Bootcamp with Jess

All live classes from New York were cancelled today because of a snow storm (we got a bunch too!) so I took an older class on demand. This one was actually the very first live bike boot camp, and it was such a great class. The playlist was all 90's bangers, and the workout itself was intense but fun. I also started with a warm up ride and did a full body stretch as soon as class ended. 


20 min Pick Me Up Ride with Hannah

This was a really nice mid-day ride to take, and another from the Instructor Series list! Hannah had some great quotes that she shared the entire time and the ride went by really quickly. My favorite quote was - "Let the tears from 2020 water the flowers for 2021." I loved it!

50 min Total Strength with Andy

Today is the first day of the Total Strength program! We started with a 10 minute warm up, then went to Week 1 Day 1- Upper Body. There were a lot of curls, rows, and pushups- definitely felt it by the end. After class we did a cool down. It was kind of funny to me that the warm up felt like it lasted forever, but the actual class (which was 30 min) went by super quickly!


30 min Pop Fun Run with Olivia

I had a morning appointment at the dermatologist to get my skin checked (all clear! yay! And if you haven't been to the doctor in a while for a checkup, this is your friendly reminder to do that soon.) and stopped by the park on the way home to run. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and snow everywhere! I loved this run and felt really smooth the entire time.

40 min Ride with Jess King

There were two back-to-back live classes with Jess, so of course I had to join them as an active recovery from my run. First we had a 90s Dance Ride, then a Hip Hop Ride. 


2.6 mile Run

It's been a while since I've run on back-to-back days, but my weather app said it was 38 degrees and sunny so I had to squeeze in a short run! It felt so great to not be bundled up, and I actually listened to a podcast  on this run to keep my pace easy. It's been a while since I've done a run without listening to a Peloton run, so it was fun!

50 min Ride with Emma

Another day of back-to-back live rides! I don't really ride with Emma at all, so I really liked switching it up. First we had a Hip Hop ride, followed by a New Tracks Ride. I really liked the music she played, especially Californian Soil by London Grammar. Never heard of them before but I really enjoyed the sound- reminded me of Florence and the Machine.


40 min Total Strength with Andy

Week 1 day 2 of the program and today was lower body. I started with a warm up, then got right into the class. We did some squat progressions, then did weighted squats and split squats. We also added in some side planks as well. These classes have a lot of instruction in them, so it really only feels like we're working out for about half of the class. I kind of wish the classes were shorter and more focused on working out, but it's probably really great for a beginner to learn the moves.

20 min Year of Yes Ride with Tunde

Took this fun ride (which was the final Year of Yes workout) for my mom's birthday! It was a nice ride to take easy and just shake out my legs after that tough workout.


2 mile Hike

I headed to the park with Selma to go on a longer hike in the morning. We went on the roads for a bit, then went on the snowy and icy trails for a while. It was kind of slippy but she loves walking on the trails so I couldn't say no!

5 mile Run

Headed out for a run after my walk, and listened to some tennis podcasts to get pumped up for the Australian Open. My legs were super sore so I took this easy and took some walk breaks as well.

20 min Post Malone Yoga Flow with Chelsea

I noticed that I haven't taken a yoga class in a while, so I was well overdue for this. I felt super stiff and sore, but it felt so great to stretch it out. I love 20 minute classes and need to incorporate more next week.


45 min Total Strength with Andy

Ended week 1 of the program on a high note- full body workout followed by the strength test. We had to do 1 minute of weighted goblet squats followed by 1 minute of full pushups. Can't wait to see how my progress goes until we test again at the end of week 4!

40 min Ride with Ally

Took another back-to-back class this week (really loving stacking classes this week I guess!). Today's classes were both Black History Month themed- the first was hip hop and the second was Broadway. I LOVED the Broadway class- featuring songs from The Lion King, Rent, Hamilton, Chicago, and Dreamgirls. So good and perfect way to end the week on a high note.


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