Snowed In

Hi everyone! Last week was very cold and very snowy/icy..not my fave. I definitely kept things a little more low-key- I didn't have a ton of energy or motivation to work out super hard so I kept things much more chill. Still got in some fun classes though! Here's a look at my week-


45 min BHM Icons Bootcamp with Jess Sims

Monday Mayhem is back! Today's class was in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughter who passed away last year. This was such an emotional class- you could really tell how much Kobe inspired Jess and also brought her closer to her own dad. She put all that emotion into making a HARD class that left me breathless! Really pushed it on this and it hurt so good. I took a cool down ride after which was much needed.


40 min Total Strength with Andy

Kicked off week two of the program with upper body. All of the exercises were the same as last week, but we added more weight and moved faster to get more reps in. It was definitely harder but I love feeling like I'm making progress.

3 mile Run

We got a bunch of snow, so I decided it would be a perfect chance to go for a snowy trail run. This is something I used to do all the time when I could walk to parks and trails, but haven't done it as much now that I have to drive to the park! I got to make fresh tracks on a couple of the trails and took it super easy since it was a bit icy. But wow- it was gorgeous and a great workout.


10 min Focus Flow- Hamstrings with Aditi

My legs were super tight after my snow run, so this was a much needed stretch for them. I love these short and sweet classes!

30 min Carnival Celebration Ride with Hannah

This ride had SO MUCH energy and was a blast! I love taking classes with Hannah and need to do more. It's so tough to balance out all of the classes I want to take since every instructor is incredible!


30 min Total Strength with Andy

Leg day! Once again this was similar to last week's class but with more weight. I was feeling a lot stronger during this- especially during the squats.

30 min Lunar New Year Ride with Emma

I always love any of the cultural- themed classes at Peloton, to learn about other holidays and cultures. This one was really nice and especially timely with all of the horrible acts of violence and racism against Asian Americans lately. Emma had a great message at the end, reminding us that she, and other Asian Americans, are our neighbors and our teachers and our friends- they're not different from any of us. We should ALL remember that.

30 min Lil Wayne Run with Robin

Had some extra energy and some sunlight so I did this run quickly. Loved the playlist- I'm a huge Lil Wayne fan and have been excited to take this class for a while now!


20 min Soul Ride with Cliff

I have Monday off for President's Day, which made today super busy. I also had a dentist appointment in the morning, so I was super busy until late at night. I just had time to squeeze in this ride really quickly but it was really nice- loved the music.


45 min Queen Pop Ride with Robin

This was such a fun ride!! I absolutely love Queen, so I can't wait to take the rock ride as well. I was having a great time, singing along and pushing hard.


45 min 80s Ride with Jenn

I joined this ride in the morning- it wasn't my favorite genre of music but I used it as a nice and easy recovery ride.

30 min Total Strength with Andy

Last workout for week 2 is a total body workout. This one absolutely flew by- by now I know the moves so I'm hoping that in week 3 we can switch it up a little more.


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