A Little Mix of Everything

Hello and happy Monday everyone! This was such a great week for me in terms of workouts- we finally had a full week of nice weather and I definitely took advantage of it. Lots of outdoor runs, some hikes- it was all around great! Here's a look at what I did-


20 min Dance with Lashawn (Apple Fitness +)

Woke up super sore, so I took an easy day today. Still had to get some kind of movement so a dance class was perfect! This one was really high energy and got me sweating. Lashawn is definitely my favorite dance instructor- her classes are so fun and easy to follow. Since it was so nice and sunny outside, I actually did the class outdoors.


10 min Yoga with Anna (Peloton)

I'm trying to start a new habit of doing a quick workout before work- either yoga or some kind of stretch- to get started on the right foot. Today's class was super easy and geared towards beginners so it was the perfect start to the day.

20 min Treadmill with Sam (AF+)

Tried my first running class with Apple Fitness! There are some things that I really liked about the class- the music and instructor were really great, but I did the run outside and the app doesn't really seem set up for that experience. I had to keep the phone screen on the entire time, and my watch started this as an indoor run instead of outside so the tracking wasn't completely accurate. Not a big deal at all, and it was fun to switch things up today! When I got home I relaxed with a Mindful Cool Down, which is basically an easy stretch and meditation.

30 min Intervals and Arms with Cody (P)

Finished off my day with a recovery ride with Cody. Super fun playlist- it was all British artists and had a lot of remixes- super fun and energetic!


10 min Sun Salutations with Chelsea (P)

I'm not typically a fan of Sun Salutations, but these were great to start off the day. Nothing too intense, and felt really good to stretch out in the morning.

30 min Walk + Run with Jess Sims (P)

HELLO SUN! It was so perfect out that I had to take some time at lunch to get out for a run. I was reminded that I have to make sure to stay hydrated on warmer days like this, so was more than happy to take the walk breaks and enjoy this run, and then relax in the hammock for the rest of the day!


8 min Yoga with Adriene

This morning Dan requested a morning yoga class with his favorite instructor- Adriene! You can find her classes on Youtube for free- long time readers might remember that I typically take Adriene's annual 30-days of Yoga challenge. This class was really different than what I'm used to with Peloton now, but was a nice stretch to start the day. Could have taken a longer class but something is better than nothing!

30 min Bike with Tyrell (AF+)

Tried out a new instructor for a cycling class and I really liked Tyrell! He was funny and kept me motivated the entire class, plus the playlist was great. I liked how he timed the harder climbs and pushes when the music picked up- it seems like Apple Fitness is better about timing the classes than Peloton in general.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Aditi (P)

Such a relaxing class- got out of the habit of taking these slower paced, relaxing classes but they are so amazing. This is just what I needed today.


12 min Yoga with Jessica (AF+)

Today's yoga was mostly stretches for the lower body and felt really great. I was stiff this morning so it was pretty tough at the beginning but I could feel my body loosening up and felt amazing by the end of class.

30 min Little Mix Bike Bootcamp with Cody (P)

This was my first early morning bike bootcamp and it was so much fun! I was able to squeeze it in before my meetings started at work, and was happy to have a workout out of the way. I loved the music and Cody was having a blast. He's always a great instructor to take for Artist Series classes... even if the workout isn't the hardest it's always fun!

30 min 90s Walk with Matty (P)

Listened to this awesome walk playlist while I jogged on some trails. It was such a perfect day out which meant the park was packed, but luckily the trails were empty. It was glorious and I missed trail running so much!


3 mile hike

Went out of my normal radius and headed north to Jennings Environmental Educational Center for some morning hiking. No real plan going in- I followed a trail from the parking lot and ended up making a perfect loop. The trail was gorgeous, with trees everywhere and a creek running along it. I definitely want to go back!

20 min Year of Yes Ride with Tunde (P)

Needed to get a little bit of a ride in so I took this ride and it was amazing. So much emotion from Tunde and learned more about what she's gone through in her life. It was a really moving class and I loved it.


45 min WHM Celebration Run with Becs (P)

Surprised myself by waking up relatively early with the time change and getting to the park to run before it got really busy. It was a perfect day out- sunny with a slight breeze and cool temperatures in the morning. The park and lake was so beautiful out and I loved this run in celebration of Women's History Month. Becs spent most of the ride talking about Kathrine Switzer's historic Boston Marathon and other pioneers of women's running. It was a great history lesson and a reminder that I'm lucky to get to do what I'm doing when others didn't (and might still not). At the end, Becs shared the news that she's going to be running the the Great Britain marathon trials for the Olympics which is INCREDIBLE!! I loved this run, the message, the music- it was perfection and I ran some of the fastest miles I've seen in a while.

45 min WHM Celebration Ride with Christine (P)

My legs were pretty shot after that run so I hopped on this live ride for my 200th! I took it super easy and loved the diverse playlist. I really like Christine's style and her stories during this class. After this one and the previous class I am feeling the Girl Power!!


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