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Happy Monday and International Women's Day everyone! It's going to be a fantastic week- temperatures are going up and the sun has been around for the past few days. I had a great week of workouts- here's what I did!


45 min BHM Movie Buff Ride with Kendall (Peloton)

This ride was a bit different than the previous Movie Buff classes that I've taken. Instead of making the class feel like we were in a movie with a soundtrack playing in the background, Kendall gave some insights into the movies that she was featuring. It was a really insightful class and I learned a lot- hope more of these classes will take that format!

30 min Evening Yoga Flow with Chelsea (P)

I needed this class today! It was so relaxing and felt amazing to stretch out at the end of a long day of work. Besides restorative classes, these are probably my favorite to take.


20 min Dance with JHon (Apple Fitness+)

I was super excited to try another dance class, and this was Latin music. Instead of learning one routine throughout the class, this was more basic steps that we did for each individual song. It was fun but I think I prefer the routine and feeling like I'm performing!

30 min Pop Ride with Cody (P)

Amazing and fun playlist as always- sometimes you just need a fun and flirty ride with Cody to shake off the stress. Followed this up with his arms toning for my 150th strength class!


30 min Walk + Run with Jess King (P)

I wore SHORTS and a T SHIRT for this run!! It felt so amazing and the sun was out- I could have been outside for hours. I really like these classes when I want an easier run- sometimes it's hard for me to truly take it easy even if I should. This forces you to slow down which I really enjoy! Since it was so nice out, I came home and did a painting outside while the sun set. More of these days, please!

20 min Dance with Ben (AF+)

Got to try out my final dance instructor on Apple Fitness and it was really good! I think I like the 30 minute classes better- we learn more of a routine and time seems to go by quicker for some reason. This was a fun class but seemed more like step aerobics than actual dancing to me. Liked Ben a lot though.


Time to Walk with Bubba Wallace (AF+)

Crossed out another guided walk today- this time with a NASCAR driver and his experiences with racism in a very white sport. He talked through how he processed the events and killings from last year the rise of Black Lives Matter supporters. I think it's always important to listen to different perspectives and from people with different backgrounds so it was great to listen to him talk.

10 min Yoga with Jessica (AF+)

I needed a little stretch in the middle of the day so I found this shorter class and it was perfect. There was lots of movement the whole class and it gave me jolt of energy to finish out my day.

30 min Megan Thee Stallion Ride with Kendall (P)

Had to join this Artist Series ride tonight! We listened to all of her famous hits like Savage and Body, along with some songs I've never heard before. It was a really fun and empowering ride- I think I'm ready for Hot Girl Summer!


30 min EDM Fun Run with Olivia (P)

Lunchtime run on another gorgeous day. I did a really simple out-and-back route from my house, and it was glorious out! I felt like I could run forever on days like today.

20 min Latin Ride with Tunde (P)

Dan made fun of me for this- I was making dinner and had to wait 40 minutes for it to bake. I don't like to sit still and our house was completely clean, so I decided to take this ride to kill time. He thinks I'm crazy because he would just relax for those 40 minutes but I've never been able to just chill while waiting, so I'd rather do something else productive. Anyone else? 


45 min Bad Boy Entertainment Ride with Tunde and Alex (P)

DANG this ride was so amazing! I love any ride that Tunde and Alex do together, but put that with some of my favorite songs from when I was growing up and you have a great ride. This class was really hard but I didn't even care because it was so much fun. I followed it up with a cool down ride and stretch!

2 mile Hike

Got Dan to join us on the hike this morning because it was so beautiful out! We headed to the park and did a loop around to hit a little over 2 miles. It was so nice out, and luckily the trails are never too busy even when the roads are. 


45 min Intervals Run with Andy (P)

I slept really horribly the night before and this run felt AWFUL. Not sure if it's from yesterday's tough ride but my entire body just felt sore and I couldn't get into a rhythm. Turned the intervals more into walk/run segments and got the run done.


  1. Totally hear you on the no-relaxing thing. I would have done the same! (And my spouse would have said the same!) I have tried to change, but I think this might be some kind of inherent personality characteristic, since I've never succeeded!

    1. It's gotta be a personality trait! I just get so antsy if I'm doing nothing. Glad I'm not the only one :)


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