When Your Body Needs Rest...

Happy Monday everyone! I'm back today with a week in workouts recap. I took the week off last week- the first time I've taken rest days in a WHILE and it felt really good. I kept up my daily walk but otherwise didn't do any workouts at all. I don't know the last time I did that but my body needed the rest!  It was definitely a challenge getting back to it this week, but I made it through. Here's a look at how my week went-


Rest Day!


10 min Yoga Flow with Chelsea (Peloton)

Had my first day back at work after my week off and had to start off on a good note with some morning yoga. This was a little more active and tough..not really a way to ease in to the week! Thankfully it was short so I made it through.

Time to Walk with Kesha (Apple Fitness +)

Had a great walk at lunchtime and got to listen to the latest guided walk. It was interesting to hear from Kesha and how she's grown as an artist from her first album to her latest one, as well as some of her inspirations! I didn't realize her mom was also a song writer and wrote some songs for Dolly Parton and Pitbull.

30 min Pop Ride with Cody (P)

Best way to get back in the fitness swing is taking a fun class with Cody! Kept my effort super easy and enjoyed the disco themed pop songs.


5 min Standing Yoga with Kristin (P)

Stayed up a bit later last night (Dan had to go into work and goes at night to avoid being in the office with other people) so all I could muster up the energy for was a quick standing yoga. This had lots of great stretches and was perfect.

20 min Walk + Run with Becs (P)

No matter how many years I've been running- anytime I take some time off it's always so hard getting back to it! This time it was only a week but I was still struggling (warmer weather and humidity probably didn't help) so I was happy to take a guided walk / run. Nice effort but didn't push too hard.


10 min Yoga with Molly (AF+)

Tried a new instructor this morning and she wasn't my favorite. This class was fine but a bit boring.

20 min Run + Walk with Robin (P)

Went out for another run since the weather was great. Did more running and less walking for today's workout and I felt a lot better! I also made sure I was drinking more water all day since it's getting warmer and I think that helped a lot. Stay hydrated friends!


30 min Bike Bootcamp with Cody (P)

Morning workout with boo and this was a great workout! The music was so much fun (all female rappers) and I pushed it the whole class. We did upper body and I was TIRED!! Took some time off from strength and I feel weak now!

5 min Core with Sam (AF+)

Short and sweet for my first Apple Fitness+ core class. This moved really quickly and I loved Sam! I took a treadmill class with her before but I really liked her in this strength class. Two thumbs up!


Wake Up Yoga with Adriene

This class was much needed in the morning- lots of stretches that made me feel really stiff but by the end I was ready to take on the day! Loved it and I was happy that Benji made an appearance during the class.

30 min 80s Fun Run with Rebecca (P)

Today was one of my very best friend's birthday, and since we met over running I had to do a 3.1 mile run for her 31st! I miss the days when we could run together (we've trained for a bunch of half marathons together and she helped me through some really tough workouts) but at least I got to run in her honor!

10 min Cycling with Sherica (AF+)

Took a quick ride to cool down after class. If I had one complaint about Apple Fitness workouts  (I'll share more and a comparison to Peloton soon!) it's the fact that there are no "recovery" or "easy" rides. It seems like all of the classes are all-out, which isn't what I always need.


15 min Fit Family Flow with Kristin (P)

Switched things up and tried one of the classes intended for kids for my morning yoga. This was an Underwater theme and was really fun and different! 

40 min Ride (P)

Stacked together some classes to make this longer ride. I did a warmup with Kendall (which featured Spice Up Your Life!) and then the Ms. Lauryn Hill Ride with Tunde (SO GOOOODDD) finished with a cool down with Hannah F. All around great workout!

10 min Core with Amir (AF+)

First class with Amir and it was really fun. I'm not sure how useful these short core classes are but I guess they're better than nothing- I was definitely working but the workout wasn't too hard. 


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