Sunnyside Up

Hi and good morning! I spent most of my week in South Carolina with my family in Myrtle Beach. It was a lot of fun but also exhausting! My sister has a toddler and let me tell you...he has a lot of energy. I had a great time with them but also managed to have a semi-regular workout schedule. Here's what the week looked like and a peak into some of the fun things we did-


20 min Foundations of Movement with Kristin

Trying to keep a little bit of my normal routine while I'm away, so I started my day with my yoga program. This one was all about learning how to balance, which is my favorite type of class! We had all kinds of movements, from standing to beginner crow.

45 min Power Walk with Matty

Made it outside for a walk at lunchtime. I took a lap around the golf course where we're staying and it started to mist a little while I was out- felt so refreshing and made my walk so much better! This playlist was all female singers and was such a great mix of genres. 

Once my sister and I were done working for the day, we headed to Murrell's Inlet with my mom for dinner and lots of walking around while my brother in law stayed back with my nephew. There's a marsh walk that we visited after eating, and we had some drinks while walking around and admiring the views and listening to live music. So much fun!


20 min Foundations of Movement with Aditi

I was so excited that today's class was a restorative yoga, because I could not fall asleep last night. I woke up so sleepy, so gently waking up with this class was just what I needed. 

4 mile Run

I finally felt like I was waking up around lunchtime, so I headed out for a run. I made the mistake of not bringing water along and it was SO hot out. I was hoping for five miles but settled for four with lots of walk breaks.

After work we all headed to the beach and I did a long walk along the water- perfect end to the day.


20 min Foundations of Class with Aditi

This morning's class was all about Sun Salutations. Great class to start the day and helped me wake right up! After I finished with yoga I tried out a 10 minute core class with one of the new instructors- Rad Lopez. It was a really tough class but the music selection was great!


30 min EDM Run with Matty

Convinced myself to wake up early and get my run done before it got too hot out. It actually felt pretty nice out (just really humid) so this run was fun! Matty kept making me run faster and faster so by the time I stopped I was dripping in sweat and exhausted. When I got back I did my yoga class of the day which was all about standing postures.

Our adventure of the day was heading to Hollywood at the Beach, which is a bunch of shops, restaurants, bars, and fun attractions. We wanted to eat somewhere unique so we settled on The Grumpy Monk which was delicious! We got a seat on the outdoor patio and had a great view of the water.


20 min Foundations of Class with Kristin

My quick trip to Myrtle Beach ended today with an early drive home. Once I was home and unpacked I needed to do some stretching so this standing class was much needed and felt great.


2 mile Walk

First full day back home so of course we had to get out! I wanted to stop by the Holly Springs Farmers Market in the morning, so I found a park nearby that we could walk around first. It turned out that Bass Lake Park was the winner, and it was such a nice park. There was a mulch-covered, mostly flat 2-mile loop. We saw tons of turtles and cool looking birds (like the one above!). You can also rent canoes and motorized boats here so I know we'll be back for that!

30 min Spice Girls Ride with Leanne

I've been waiting to do this ride ever since the artist series was announced, and it did not disappoint. Leanne was decked out in her Union Jack gear and her excitement just radiated off the screen. Song selection was on point and this was the first ride in a while I actually felt like pushing it. So much fun! I ended with the Spice Girls cool down and another yoga class.


1 hour SUP

I was feeling kind of lazy when I woke up but forced myself to go to the park since it was a bit cooler out and cloudy- perfect for paddleboarding. I went to Apex Lake since it's never busy (and super close) and had the lake to myself. The sky was really beautiful and I saw all kinds of cool birds flying around.

30 min Hip Hop Run with Selena

Since I was already at the park, I went on a quick run after my time on the water. It was much more crowded on the path, so I spent about half the run on trails in the park. Loved the playlist and getting a little change of scenery. I did my daily yoga class after I got home to stretch out.


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