December Goals and Highlights

WOW- November was a month for the books. I knew that it would be busy and fun, and it definitely was! My only goal for the month was to stay healthy and enjoy my trips, and luckily I achieved that (yay for rapid COVID tests and vaccines! Just scheduled my booster!). There are so many highlights that I could share so I'll share my top 4 moments-

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

My entire trip to Colorado was unbelievable, but visiting RMNP (and hiking there with my two best friends) was the best experience! It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and we had such a great time visiting different areas of the park. It's definitely somewhere I want to see and hike all around.

Zoo Trip

I was lucky to get to see my family twice this month, including a random and fun zoo trip with my sister and nephew the day after Thanksgiving. We went to the North Carolina Zoo, which is the largest natural-habitat zoo in the world! It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun showing him all of the animals.

Visiting the beach!

One major draw to moving to North Carolina was our close access to the beach, and we finally got to visit the closest one (Wrightsville Beach) this month. It was great to go in the off-season when we had the entire beach to ourselves, and could get into every restaurant and bar with no issue! It was so much fun and the perfect relaxing end to a busy month.

Thanksgiving Day

Finally- the best day all month was probably Thanksgiving Day. It started with a Turkey Trot 5k that I got to do with Dan (and he actually enjoyed!) and ended at a friend's house for dinner. For a back story-right when we first moved, I met a new friend at my run club who also just moved to the area, and we quickly became close friends. Dan and I are lucky enough to get to spend a lot of time with them since they live really close, and they invited us over to spend the day with them and all of their family that was visiting. We felt so welcomed and I'm thankful for meeting such incredible people so quickly. 

2021 Combined Miles

January -  44 running miles and 218 bike miles for a total of 262 miles
February - 32 running miles and 206 bike miles for a total of 238 miles. 
March - 36 running miles and 113 bike miles for a total of 149 miles.
April - 31 running miles and 118 bike miles for a total of 149 miles.
May - 26 running miles and 97 bike miles for a total of 123 miles.
June - 33 running miles and 59 bike miles for a total of 92 miles.
July - 50 running miles and 85 bike miles for a total of 135 miles.
August - 50 running miles and 141 bike miles for a total of 191 miles.
September - 54 running miles and 79 bike miles for a total of 133 miles.
October - 74 running miles and 114 bike miles for a total of 188 miles.
November - 66 running miles and 110 bike miles for a total of 176 miles.

So far, I've done a total of 1,836 miles, and have 185 to go. Going to be tough but it's achievable!

I have a few other goals for December to make it a fun and productive month- here they are!

Beginner Strength Program

I have been really bad about strength training lately, so I convinced Dan to take this Peloton program with me. It's 6 weeks long and has only 2 days of working out each week, so it should definitely be doable! We actually started this week, so I'm off to a good start.

Fitness Challenges

To go along with that goal, and to also hit my mileage goal, I'll be joining a few fun Christmas-related monthly challenges with Peloton. One of them follows the 12 Days of Christmas song but is all about different types of exercises (12 meditations, 11 stretching classes....), while the other has a specific type of class to take each day. Luckily there's a lot of overlap and the 12 Days is more about recovery, but it'll be nice to have some structure to what I'm doing and not have to think about it too much! 

Early Activity

My final fitness-related goal for the month is to do something active every morning before work. I always feel so much better if I wake up early and go for a walk or run, or even do a yoga class, so my goal will be to do that each and every morning. I'm lucky to live somewhere warmer and don't have any excuses to make, so I'm committing to being an early bird this month.

"Winter-Clean" Apartment

We all know about spring cleaning, but I figured it was time to do a deep clean again! I also want to bring out some of my heavier clothes and just freshen things up, so my goal this month will be to deep clean everything and get it back in tip-top shape. I've been here almost 6 months now, so it's due for a good clean.

Make a Yule Log

This is just a fun little baking challenge for me, but now that GBBO is officially over I want something else fun to make. I've always wanted to make a Yule Log so this will be the year. If anyone has a good recipe please send it over!

What are your goals this month?


  1. Awesome job with your November goals! Here's hoping that December is just as good. Love that you were able to see so many places and so many people! (Good timing too. Thanks, omicron...)

    1. Seriously...good timing for the trips and luckily all negative tests! Hope you're staying safe Anne!


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