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What a fun week! This one flew by and I was so busy, but I loved every second of it. I had a great trip with some friends, followed by lots of events in Raleigh. This is my kind of week! For me, the more events and socialization the better. In between all the fun I had a lower mileage week than usual, but felt great on my runs! Here's how it went-


2 mile Run + Yoga + Lots of Walking

Woke up today in Savannah! I met up with two of my friends from Pittsburgh for a quick girls trip. We're all runners, so of course we had to get out for a quick run around Forsyth Park to start the day (do you see the green dye in the fountain above? Savannah celebrates St Paddy's like no other was amazing!). I also had my Monday morning Zoom yoga with Erica, which felt great after a long drive. On our agenda today was a trip to Tybee Island and a True Crime and Wine tour! This was so much fun- Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the country, so we got to hear about the history while sipping cocktails (yay for open container laws!).


More Walking

We got a slower start to the day thanks to our long and fun night, so we skipped the run and just headed to Fort Pulaski. There were a few marked hikes on the island that we took- the lighthouse was our favorite and had beautiful views along the way. Afterwards we headed to lunch and stopped at Bonaventure Cemetery which was so beautiful, covered in flowering bushes and trees dripping in moss. The highlight of the day was our dinner at Husk, which was our "fancy" meal of the trip and so amazing!


2 mile Run + Walking

It was our final day in Savannah, so we got it started with another quick run and ended at a tea house. Once we got our tea we wandered around, checking out a few squares (including the one where Forrest Gump sat on a bench to tell his life story! Sadly the bench is in a museum now but we still got to see the park). After getting back and packing, we did a final walk around the city to get breakfast and one friend wanted one last espresso martini to walk around with! Such a fun (but too quick) trip!


20 min Yoga + Speed Work
Back to reality! Got to join a live Peloton yoga class that was dedicated to hips, which felt great! At lunchtime, I did my weekly speed work on the treadmill since it was raining outside, and it was also a very complicated workout. I thought it would be easier to keep track of everything and do the right paces on the tread and it worked out great! I started with a warmup, then did 1 mile at an 8:00 pace (about 7.5 mph). 3 minute rest, then 15 minutes at a tempo pace of 8:40. For this I started at about 6.8 mph which is a little slower than 8:40, and every 5 minutes added on a bit of speed until I ended up a little faster than 8:40. 2 minute rest, and finish with a hard 1/2 mile. I started out at 8:00 pace and added on every .1 of a mile to "kick it in". I finished with a cool down and was exhausted but really happy with how strong I felt during the workout.


4.5 mile Run + Yoga

Morning running and yoga is back today with Erica! Easy recovery run to start, then a fun yoga class. We did some handstand drills which is always intimidating to me but it feels safe having a good friend there to help me out!


Rest Day!

We had some plans with friends to go to a coffee tasting event and ended up hanging out for a while after, so I moved my long run to Sunday. It was another perfect day out though so I took Selma for a long walk when we got home.


7 mile Run

I love cutback weeks when 7 miles feels like a "short" run! I saw a greenway marked on a map near our apartment so I decided to explore it, and made a perfect loop. It was a really nice one with a few ponds and I even spotted some horses out in the morning! The weather was perfect and I felt great on the run.


  1. Your girls trip sounds like so much fun! I've never been to Savannah, and now I want to go. Glad your weather is improving, too - send it north, please! :)

    1. It was such a great should definitely go if you get the chance. And I'm trying to send warm weather up!!


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