Struggle Bus

Some weeks in training are off weeks, and that's what this was for me. It seemed like all of my runs felt tough, and I was struggling with some allergy issues all week that affected my sleep and just general ability to breathe! I'm hoping they'll get better next week, but here's how a struggling week of runs went-


Rest Day!
I was not feeling great after the weekend away - Dan had some kind of cold or allergies and seemed to pass it on to me! I couldn't stop sneezing and felt so stuffed up so I thought it was best to take the day off.


6 mile Run

Woke up feeling much better so I went out for a long-ish morning run. It was a lot colder than I thought so I was pretty cold on this run but felt good! I just took it nice and easy and enjoyed myself.


4 mile Run
Tonight's run club was special- it was the 2 year streak-iversary for Charline! She started her run streak at the beginning of the pandemic and has run every single day since then. We did 2 miles with just our small group, then joined the entire run club for 2 more miles. Afterwards we had beers and cupcakes to celebrate.


6 mile Run

Lunchtime speed workout! This one was called the switch blade- 1 mile warm up, then 2x (1 mile at 8:40, 1 mile at 8:20) with a little rest between the sets, and a cool down. This run was really tough for me - my watch was acting up and not tracking my pace correctly, and my nose would not stop dripping! I let both of those get in my head and almost quit the run completely but stayed in it. When I got back and looked at my pace it was all over the place- some miles were under 8:00 and one was 8:50. Next time I'll try just to stay in the moment and not worry about things that are out of my control.


2 mile Run + Yoga

Morning yoga got moved to afternoon yoga because it was going to be way too cold early, and I'm so glad we did! It was a beautiful day and the class was really fun. It was an easier class than usual which I was really happy for and I left feeling energized and better than I've felt all week. I did a quick 2 mile run before the rain started to make up for skipping my run Monday.


10 mile Run

Afternoon long run since we had a busy morning. I went to Harris Lake to do some trails, but it was so muddy and windy from storms in the morning. I only did 4.5 miles there, then headed to the Tobacco Trail to do the final 5.5 miles. It was brutal out there- so windy and cold! I didn't really enjoy this at all but it was fun to try out my new trail shoes.


Rest Day!
I had a long drive ahead of me to meet up with some friends, so I took the day off! More to come on the adventures we'll be having- stay tuned!


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