New Training Starts Now

With my Hot Chocolate 15k completed, it's time to set my sights on a new goal and race! I had signed up for the Tar Heel 10 Miler a while ago and thought it was the perfect race to keep the momentum going while also having plenty of time to get in more training!

I'm using my favorite half marathon training plan for this race and slightly adapting the mileage for a shorter race. I mostly just like this plan for the fun speed workouts! Here's how my week of training went with a quick last minute beach trip over the weekend-


3.3 mile Run + Bike Ride

I started the day with a longish walk with Selma, then got to run with Dan after work. I wanted to hit 101 miles for the month of February so I did a little over 3 miles and it was great! Later in the evening I did a fun live ride on Peloton to help shake out my legs a bit.


4.5 mile Run + Yoga + 2 mile Walk

Early morning run with Erica at the Art Museum! We meet up at 6am and today the sun started to come up in our first mile! It's always so great when the days start to get longer, and we had a beautiful sunrise. She's running a marathon this weekend so we kept the run fun and easy and had a great conversation as usual. When I got home I did a morning meditation and yoga with Aditi (my favorite Peloton instructor). It was such a nice day out so after work I took Selma to the park and we went on a nice long walk.


8x800 + Core

I might be following a new plan, but I still have one workout with 800 repeats! This felt so much easier than the last time I did 8 of these and I actually felt great the entire run. I also did this in my neighborhood so I got a good mix of hills while I was running too. When I got home I did a quick core workout and a long foam roll stretch.


10 mile Bike
It felt like summer was right around the corner today- it was in the 80s and sunny and beautiful out! I took advantage by working outside all day, taking a walk at lunchtime, and going on a bike ride after work. I started from my apartment and made me way to White Oak Park along the greenway and it was a great ride! I don't bike from my apartment nearly enough so I hope to start doing that more often.


5 mile Run + Yoga
I joined Erica for her Friday morning yoga at the Art Museum, and ran a few miles solo beforehand. After class I ran two more miles with Erica- she's running a marathon tomorrow and had to do an easy shakeout! It was a great but chilly morning...I'm already missing the warmth from yesterday.


5 mile Run + Lots of Walking

Woke up in Myrtle Beach today! My speedy friend Kaile's husband was doing the half marathon, so we decided to make a weekend trip out of it since it's a quick 3 hour drive away. We stayed at the Ocean Lakes campground, which is a huge gated community filled with beach houses and plots for RV's. We ran 5 miles together along the beach and through the streets in the community, running by as many lakes as possible. It's a really great place to stay and dog friendly for the 3 dogs we brought along! It was a beautiful run even if she made me run WAY too quickly (very proud that I kept up with her though!). We also did lots of walks with the dogs and had a fun time exploring the area. Selma loved the beach!


4 mile Run + More Walking + Yoga

Started the day walking to the beach to see the sunrise and showed Dan and Selma a bit more of the community! Once we got back I headed out for another run with Kaile (I was supposed to do a 9 mile run this weekend but decided to split it into two runs) and then did some sun salutations overlooking the ocean. Perfect end to a quick but fun weekend.


  1. Go, you! Getting right back to it. And I love hearing about your weather - makes me hope for spring, soon. :)

    1. Thanks!! An object in motion stays in motion...or so I tell myself :) So much easier to keep going than start from scratch for a race!


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