This was a great week of tri training! Things are definitely starting to click- maybe not as much with running but definitely with swimming and biking. I'm mentally trying to prepare more for those since I'm not as comfortable, and I know that I can make it through a 5k. So- things are going just as I want them to! Here's how week three of training went-


1000 yard swim

Hit a big milestone for me today! I went in not knowing how I would feel on the swim and by the time I started everything clicked and I felt like I could have kept going forever. Lately when I've been swimming I've done 250 yards at a time, then rested. Today my goal was to keep moving and switch to backstroke to recover, to simulate being tired during the open water swim and not being able to stop. It went so well and I'm thrilled!

20 min morning yoga

I'm trying to get back in the groove of doing cross training, so this week I scheduled out Peloton classes to join live. Today I did a quick morning yoga class that was easy but a great way to wake up.


2.5 mile run

This was the first run that felt good in a long time! I ran with Dan and the entire time felt fresh and didn't need to break it up into a run/walk. Hopefully that's a good sign for runs to come!

20 min Glutes and Legs Strength

Joined the morning Roll Call class on Peloton for this tough lower body workout. It was a lot of squats so I was tired at the end but happy I made it through.


10 min Focus Flow : Floor Poses

Definitely needed today's class to stretch out my hamstrings! I was soooooooo sore from yesterday so these stretches felt amazing. Wish the class was twice as long.

6 mile bike

This was supposed to happen in the morning before work, but that didn't happen! Went at lunch instead and managed to squeeze it in between rain storms. I tried out a new loop that I've been meaning to test out and it was great! This one also connects to a few other greenways so I'm excited to go again when I have a longer ride to do.


30 min Upper Body Strength

It's been way too long since I've done an upper body strength class so this was tough! I used pretty light weights and was still sore at the end. There wasn't much rest in this class so the time went by really quickly and it was a great workout. I took it easy the rest of the day and just had a long walk with Selma at lunchtime.


700 yard swim

I got a new one-piece and a personal buoy, so I was excited for this swim. I started with a warmup of different drills- just kicking for 50 yards and then just using arms for 50 yards. It was a pretty easy swim day with more rest than usual but it's great to know that a swim like this is easy for me now! I can feel so much progress since I started already.

30 min Lizzo ride

I was so excited to see a live Lizzo ride and had to take it! It ended up being one of my favorite rides ever- Lizzo actually showed up in the class and talked about her new album that was releasing that day. She also brought in backup dancers and performed songs (while riding in the class!?). It was unbelievable! If you have a Peloton account you need to take this class!


2 mile walk

Dan and I checked out a local botanical garden and ended up walking a lot to see everything! I was planning on running, but we had some plans that ended up taking longer than expected so I skipped it for today.


12 mile bike

Went for a longer solo ride and it was SO warm out. I usually don't get too sweaty from biking but I was drenched by the end of this. I even had to take a stop at one point when I started to feel dizzy. It wasn't easy but I still enjoyed being out there and going on my favorite greenway.

1 mile run

Dan and I joined some friends for a group run - one of my run club friends started a run streak in honor of her mother who passed away, and decided to end it on the 2 year anniversary. It was so special to do that last mile with her and to celebrate that amazing accomplishment.


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