Official training time

This week was the "official" start of my triathlon training! I found a random beginner plan online and will be adapting it for myself, but my basic goal is to run, bike, and swim at least 2 days a week each. Hopefully will be adding in more distance and speed intervals as the weeks go on, but I'm excited to get started! Here's how the week went-


2 mile hike

We spent Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday morning at a Getaway cabin in Asheboro, and decided to go on a nearby hike this morning. The entire trip was so much fun- the cabins are like tiny homes but have a mini kitchen and full bathroom with running water! The beds are super comfortable, there's AC, and the views are beautiful. Highly recommend if you want a weekend away or just to "getaway" for a bit. The hike itself started at the NC Zoo and was very pretty and a bit challenging! The rest of the day we relaxed while we got stormed on - provided for a very cozy day where we played card games, drank wine, and read!


3.2 mile run

It's my birthday and I just turned 32 so I had to run my age in miles (the easy way I'm doing 32 miles!). Dan joined for about 2 miles of it and I felt so great the entire time and really enjoyed it.

1/2 hour tennis

After the run, Dan and I played some tennis at a local park. It was my first time actually being able to hit around and play since I started my lessons and it was so much fun! It's definitely way harder having someone actually hit to you instead of being tossed the ball softly. It was a workout!


2 mile run

My original plan was to swim in the morning, but it was drizzling with threats of heavy rain and storms starting at any time, so I decided to do a short run instead. It was so humid out- I almost wished it would start pouring on me to break it a little bit!

750 yard swim

It stopped raining around lunchtime so I decided to sneak in a swim! There were a few people at the pool which made me a little nervous since I'm still not very confident in my swim, but decided to just not care and go for it anyway. I ended up having a really good swim and went further than I've gone this cycle! It was good to see that the work I've been doing wasn't undone by a week off of swimming.


250 yard swim (plus warmup and cooldown)

Another swimming time trial. I did this earlier in the month and finished in 5:38- today I was able to take some time off and finished in 5:18! Didn't hit my goal of 5:00, but I'm pretty happy with not being super consistent this month. I started with about 200 yards of warmup and finished with 200 more for a full workout of about 650 yards total.

10 mile bike

Easy effort longish bike ride at lunchtime! It was HOT out though so it was still tough. Loved being out there and the greenway I went on was empty!


2 mile run

Humid morning meant another slow and short run. I was so tired after that so I added on a walk just to recover a bit before starting my day.

8 mile bike

There was a fun event happening at a local park with live music, food trucks, beer tent, and boat rentals! Dan and I decided to bike there and it was a lot of fun. We ended up renting a pedal boat and it was a beautiful night.


Rest Day!

Dog sitting for the weekend so kept it nice and easy today. Did a little bit of yoga in the evening but otherwise just hung out.


15 min run

Quick run first thing in the morning and it felt pretty awful! I didn't really sleep that well (probably worrying about the dogs being OK) so this just felt rough. Got it done though!


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