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This was definitely one of those weeks that was over in a flash, with an even quicker weekend! I feel like I need a do-over because that means this summer is going by way too quickly. Overall this was a better week where I felt like I got back on track again, at least with workouts! Here's how the week went-


600 yard swim

Today was an easy day- I've gone swimming 3 times in the last 4 days so I think my body was tired. I started having these random muscle spasms in my abs which has never happened before- I usually get them in my legs and they're so annoying but this was a first for me! I felt pretty good for the first 2 sets of my 200 yard repeats but then started to feel awful so I stopped. Maybe next time I shouldn't push so many days in a row in the pool!

60 min yoga

Nothing better than an evening yoga class on a beautiful night. It's finally starting to get cooler out after work, so today's yoga class felt great. My friend Erica is starting to do Monday classes and this was the first one at the Art Museum- such a great class and great way to end the day.


30 min trail run

I decided to do something different for my run today and headed to Lake Johnson to run on the trails there. I've done the paved path before, but this was my first time doing the trail loop. I got about 1/4 mile into the run and completely tripped and fell on a root (my fault- I was looking at my phone to make sure I was going the right way and wasn't paying attention). I twisted my ankle a bit and got a pretty bad cut. I walked for a bit to make sure everything was OK and then kept running to finish up the run.


9 mile bike

My leg felt fine in the morning so I decided to go for a bike ride at lunchtime. It was my favorite weather- sunny and warm but not super humid and I liked this ride a lot! Later in the evening I headed to run club just to see friends and celebrate the 8th anniversary of the club.


1.5 mile run
Dan joined me for an easy run/walk this morning. The scrapes and cuts on my leg hurt when I was running so we kept it super easy and took plenty of walk breaks.

1 hour disc golf
At lunchtime Dan and I headed to the park to play disc golf (yay for work from home!) I absolutely love playing because it's basically like going for a hike in the woods, with a game to play along the way. So much fun!


Rest Day!

I had some appointments today and a friend dropped off her dog for the weekend, so I took it easy all day. Dan and I did take a morning walk around our last apartment and we did some trails that used to be our morning walk, but otherwise we just had a relaxing day.


15 mile bike
I started the day with a long solo ride since we're dog sitting. I biked out to the Tobacco Trail and did 5 sprints along the way (1 minute long each) then took it easy on the way back home. This was my longest ride that I've done in a long time and it felt great.


1,500 yard swim
Great swim this morning! My plan going in was to do 1,000 yards, but when I hit that point I still felt good and wanted to hit the race distance just to clear that mental barrier. Once I hit that (1350) I had to round out the number so I kept going until I hit 1,500! I definitley took a lot of breaks (every 300-500 yards) but I'm still happy with getting this far.


  1. Glad you took a break from swimming after those spasms - not fun! - and, when you came back, that you were able to go so far. Isn't it fun to see what you can accomplish when you're learning something new?


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