Better late than never!

 The past few weeks, I’ve written blog posts about training and keep forgetting to post it! So- sorry for the delay but here is last week’s workouts. For now, I’m off on an adventure to see some friends so I’ll be sure to share more later!


1 mile run

Today was technically supposed to be a rest day, but Dan wanted to do a quick run so I couldn't let him down! We're also dog sitting right now, so at night we took the dogs for a long walk.


40 min run

The sunflowers are in full bloom at Dix Park, so I had to join my friends for an early run. It was humid and smokey out but I was happy to have one of my longer runs this morning. Plus, the flowers were beautiful!


1 hour boot camp

Two early morning workouts in a row! Feeling back to my normal groove and it's great! Today's class was very leg heavy- lots of squats and lunges so I was exhausted by the end. Great workout though! After work, I met up with a friend to hang out and noticed a beautiful sunset, so I went on a little evening walk around the park.


1000 yard swim

Today's swim workout was a fun speed play- warmup followed by 100 yard intervals that was 25 yards easy-25 hard-25 easy-25 hard. After that we did 4 intervals of 25 yards all out and a cool down. It was tough but I enjoyed it a lot.

40 min bike
My plan had hills on the schedule for today, so we did a tough ride through some neighborhoods near us. There were some tough hills and my legs were toast by the end of this!


1 hour kayak

Nothing like kayaking around on a beautiful day! It was a bit choppy out so I definitely got my workout in, but I still got some relaxing in on this ride. I upgraded to a foldable kayak this year and I'm really enjoying it!


1 hour bike

I had a lot of fun making this route- I combined a few areas that I usually bike to make a longer ride and then added on a few new loops as well. It was a bit of a cooler day so that also felt great and I set a few segment PR's on Strava!


30 min run

I started this run way too late and regretted it because it was HOT and sunny out! I decided to check out a new neighborhood that I always drive by, and there was no shade at all. I had a lot of regrets by the time I was finished but I got it done.


  1. The sky in that last picture is amazing! So blue! Can't wait to read more about your adventures (and training).

    1. This is how our skies are 75% of the time- it's one of my absolute favorite things about living in North Carolina!! You can't beat it:)


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