Push It

This was a really great week of training! In my plan this is still in the base phase, so it feels manageable and not too tough yet. I'm just enjoying it so far and it's making me excited for the more challenging stuff that I know is coming along! Here's how the week of workouts went-


1 hour yoga

I had a pretty open day, so I was able to make it to Erica's outdoor yoga class. It was just what I needed today- it was warm out but class wasn't too intense. Lots of stretching and easy movement. Loved it!


1000 yard swim

I'm enjoying the workouts that are in the plan that I'm following- it really helps me during swimming to break down the distance and keep it focused on smaller chunks of work. Today we started with a 200 yard warmup, then did drills for 100 yards (for this I do kickboard for 50 yards, then bouy for 50 yards). Next, it was 4x100 yards of moderate effort. 100 more yards of kickboard, then a 200 yard cool down.

3 mile walk

Selma and I met up with a friend and her dog for a nice little walk around Lake Johnson. It was really busy with the holiday and nice weather in the morning, so we got to see lots of other dogs! I love walking at this lake because the loop around is really pretty and shaded. Great spot to walk or run!


3 mile run

Run club in the summer means that I'm running when it's HOT out. It was in the 90s today and it was definitely rough, but running with friends makes it way more bearable. 


Rest day!

Just went for a walk with a friend and Selma in the morning and then had a nice, relaxing day.


1000 yard swim

Today's workout was a really fun one! It was pretty much the same as Tuesday's swim, but instead of a steady, moderate effort for the 100 yard repeats I did a fartlek workout: 25 yards easy, 25 hard, 25 easy, 25 hard. This was tough but kept me moving and I really enjoyed it!

10 mile bike

It was the first Friday of the month, so I was excited to head to Bond Park. They host an outdoor concert with food trucks, beer tents, and boat rentals on the first Friday each month in the summer, so Dan and I biked out there to meet up with some friends to enjoy. Unfortunately there were some thunderstorms in the area so after waiting a bit they ended up cancelling the event! We still got in a good bike ride and got to see friends which was nice though.


35:00 run

I was really happy to be able to join a few friends for a Summer Saturday run! During the summer, a few local businesses are sponsoring a warmup and recovery station along the Tobacco Trail, which definitely came in handy on today's run. This was the longest I've run nonstop in a while (I've been doing a lot of run/walks) and it's all because I was with friends that helped me keep going. Afterwards, it felt great to have some ice cold drinks and towels to help cool down from a super sweaty run!


1 hour bike

Went for a great morning bike ride this morning and it felt really good! This was just a steady state, moderate ride so it was really enjoyable. I feel like every time I ride I'm getting stronger which I always love.

1 hour yoga

I was really excited to be able to make Erica's brewery yoga this morning at Trophy Brewing! It was such a great class with some good stretching and just enough of a challenge to feel good at the end but not too tired. Her classes are the best so if you're in the Raleigh area definitely check them out!


  1. You are inspiring! I can only do a few minutes of yoga a day. I'll try these tips. Keep pushing!


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