I just had a terrific vacation this weekend. On Friday, I finished my internship and had a goodbye lunch with all the tech interns. Saturday I went to the Pirates game (my third of the week) and Train performed after as part of the Skyblast show. Then, my mom, sister and I went to Deep Creek, Maryland, which is only about 2 hours away from Pittsburgh. We got there on Sunday night and left Wednesday afternoon. Here's a quick summary of what we did and my workouts:

Monday: racket ball, kayaking on Deep Creek Lake, tennis, mini golf, 3 mile run
Tuesday: horseback riding, antique shopping, mini golf (again) 3 mile run, 1 hour weight lifting
Wednesday: mountain coaster

It was such a nice, relaxing trip. I got to squeeze in some workouts and tried to do as many activities as possible, even though the weather didn't exactly cooperate. Tomorrow I'm going to Cleveland for 2 days to go to an Indians game, then it's back to Penn State! Summer is over already, and it was such a great one!

Pittsburgh Marathon: 268 days


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