Half Marathon Training: Week 4 Recap

Happy Sunday everyone!  It was another great week of training for me.  I started to feel a bit of the effects of training hard and had some soreness, but other than that I have no complains for my 4th week of training!  I tried out a new workout class this week, as well as ran my second race!  Read on to see what I did this week.

(note, I'm not affiliated in ANY way with the Biggest Loser or with the Run/Walk.  I just wanted to make it clear what I'm training for in a fun way!)

Here was my training plan for the week:

To remind you, I'm using Hal Higdon's half marathon intermediate plan as a base, but adjusting it to fit my schedule.  I'm also helping Dan train for a 5K using the Couch to 5K plan.


3.5 miles / 31:00 / 8:45 pace
Nice, easy run with Dan.  This is our last week of C25K workouts, and I'm going to miss running with him!!  I hope he'll continue after the race is over.


Group Centergy
The stretches today felt amazing!  I needed some yoga in my life today.  I might try out a true yoga class as training increases, because I need those stretches.  


Rowland Tempo Run
5 minute warmup @ 6.0
3 sets of:
  3 minutes slower than tempo @ 6.6
  3 minutes at tempo @ 6.8
  3 minutes faster than tempo @ 7.0
  2 minute rest @ 6.0
5 minute cooldown @ 6.0
5 miles / 42:00 / 8:24 pace

I loved this workout!  I felt really great and strong the entire time.  For the last set, I picked up my pace and ended up at 7.5, and added an extra minute to hit 5 miles.  Highly recommend trying this out!

Group Active
One of my monthly goals was to attend a new gym class, so I can cross that off the list!  This was a really fun class- we did cardio/step aerobics, dumbbell strength, balance and core work.  The hour flew by, and I think I'll add this class to my routine!  The gym was closed for Passover, so I couldn't make it to my regular Power class or to Spin class on Friday.


1 mile / 8:24 / 8:24 pace
This was supposed to be a 2 mile shakeout run, but we got rained out.  I don't mind running in rain, but it was also thunder and lightning, so we decided to call it at a mile.


2 miles / 20:00 / 10:00 pace
Finished off our shakeout run with a nice, easy run with some stride-outs thrown in.  It was so beautiful out!


5k Race / 30:00 / 9:40 pace
achilles hope and possibility 5K
Go Dan Go!!

Dan did an excellent job!  Our paces were right on target: 10:00, 9:45, 9:30 and he sprinted in the end (to beat me!).  It was a bit chilly and windy the whole race but we couldn't have asked for better race weather.

10k Race / 54:30 / 8:38 pace
achilles race pittsburgh
Dan jumped in the race at mile 5 for some last minute encouragement!

10 minute break between races to drink some water and have a honey stinger.  I felt really good the entire race and tried not to focus on pace since North Park is full of rolling hills.  I took a salt tab at the halfway point in the race, and I could definitely tell it helped me out a ton (or it's a placebo.  Whatever, I'll take it!).  My legs felt great the whole time, but I got some stomach cramps around 5 miles.  Splits were 8:34, 8:39, 8:56, 8:41, 8:34, 8:25.  Yay for negative split!
achilles 10k race pittsburgh
Finishing the 10k- thanks to my mom for coming and taking pictures!



3.25 miles / 29:00 /  8:58 pace
Easy run to shake out my legs from the race.  It was really beautiful out!  My legs felt a bit heavy and sore at the beginning but were better by the end.  I decided to stop by Starbucks afterwards for a Cool Lime refresher...so good!

Total Mileage for Week: 24 miles /  8:45 pace 

Overall, this was a fantastic week!  I had my highest mileage yet, and felt terrific during my tempo run and race.  I feel really strong and I'm ready to keep training hard!   

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  1. Yay congrats to you! You've had a great work out week! WOOH! You should be proud of yourself.

  2. Great week and 2 great races! I have always wanted to try a salt tab and now hearing you say it worked I think I am going to go grab some this week

    1. You should! Jennifer recommended them and I've been loving them so far. I used to get nauseous during races and speed work but this takes that away completely :)

  3. Congrats on a great week and to you and Dan on great races! Your training is going awesome, and it's always nice to have a race confirm that. For the salt stick, did you stop to take it or just slow down? I have never taken one during a race and think it will just be easier to stop. I'm not good at taking pills and kinda have to push them down my throat.

    1. Hey! I actually stopped completely to take it. I also have a hard time taking pills so I didn't want to start choking on it! I only had to stop for a quick second though . Thanks again for the recommendation!!!

  4. Wonderful job this week! Dan's doing great too! I love Starbucks lime refreshers. I haven't had one in a while - time to add to my taper food craving list! lol

    1. I haven't had one since last summer, and it tasted SO GOOD! I don't know if it was because it was post-run, but it was the best drink I've had in a long time!

  5. Sounds like you're doing awesome! And that tempo run sounds kind of fun - will have to remember to try that. And good for you trying a new workout class - I've done a few new ones in the last few months and it's been great to change things up a bit.

    1. Thanks Anne! The workout was tons of fun and I bet you would love it :)


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