Half Marathon Training : Week 6 Recap

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Hi everyone and welcome to Week 6 of half marathon training! I'm officially half way through my training...what?!  I can't believe it but I'm feeling great and ready to put in 6 more weeks of hard training. 

(note, I'm not affiliated in ANY way with the Biggest Loser or with the Run/Walk.  I just wanted to make it clear what I'm training for in a fun way!)

Here was my training plan for the week:

To remind you, I'm using Hal Higdon's half marathon intermediate plan as a base, but adjusting it to fit my schedule.


3.87 miles / 33:00 / 8:23 pace
Beautiful morning run with some humidity and sprinkles.  I keep saying it, but I love these early morning runs!  Once I'm up and going, it's so peaceful and easy to keep going.  It's fantastic having the run out of the way early!  


Great class as always!  I especially love the hip openers.  Always feels so great!


Morning Spin class
This was a 45 minute class, and I took it easy.  It was still great and I love spinning in the morning!

4.6 miles / 40:00 / 8:41 pace
Great and difficult tempo run!  I wanted to push myself, so after my warmup, I ran 5 minutes at 8:40, 10 minutes at 8:15 and 5 minutes at 7:45, followed by a cooldown.  Ran most of the faster miles going uphill, so I was happy with my splits.

Thursday :

3 miles / 28:00 / 9:20 pace
Another early morning run.  It was freezing this morning, so I got to wear some winter gear again.  It felt great out though and my legs enjoyed the slow pace after yesterday's hard run!



Saturday :


Sunday :

6.2 miles / 57:50 / 9:19 pace
Beautiful run along the Mediterranean Sea in Mallorca! There's a bike path and running path along the water so I just ran there. So beautiful!

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  1. Your Sunday run looks like you had some awesome scenery. Another great week in the books, and you are half way there.. Stay strong!

    1. Thanks shaun! It was so beautiful out..loved it!

  2. Crazy that you're to the halfway point already! Great paces on your tempo run--uphill to boot! You nailed it! I also love morning runs for those reasons--peaceful and then I don't have to think of it for the rest of the day. What a beautiful place to run today. Enjoy your vacation!

    1. Thanks! I think I might start running morning every day while it's nice out! Love it!

  3. Congrats on being halfway to your race! You had a great week and a great tempo/progression run. I love the vacation pic. How awesome to be able to run there.

    1. Thank you!! And yes, I feel really lucky to be here and able to run in such a beautiful place. Can't wait to share more pics!!


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