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 Happy Wednesday!  Today for my review, I'll be talking about another clothes service called Le Tote.  In the past, I reviewed Stitch Fix (check out my latest fix here!).  I haven't been too happy with my "fixes" lately, so I decided to branch out and try a new service.  (note that I paid for all of this on my own and I was never contacted by Le Tote for this review!)

Le Tote is much different from Stitch Fix, and I love the concept: You pay $49 a month, and receive unlimited totes for the month.  Each tote contains 3 articles of clothing and 2 accessories.  Before the tote is sent out, you have a day to review the shipment, and switch out pieces.  This is my favorite part- being able to see what you're getting ahead of time!  

Once you receive your tote, you can wear it as often and as long as you'd like, then send it back in a pre-addressed and stamped envelope(they even wash everything for you!).  You can also purchase the items from the site for less than retail price.  It's so simple!

Once Le Tote receives the clothes back, your next tote is on the way!  I tested the service out for a full month, and received 3 totes in that time (that's 9 clothes I got to try, and 6 pieces of jewelry!)  

Let's see what I got to try this month:

Delivery #1

Wearing : Mason Scotch Hannah Dress and Lola vs Harper Dream Tunic
I loved both of these!  The dress is exactly my style and was perfect for work.  It's hard to see in this picture, but it was navy blue with black herringbone design.  It was very subtle and I loved it.  The tunic was also really cool- there was a faux-leather panel at the top, and it was mid-thigh on me.  It could have passed as a dress, but I paired it with J Crew Pixi pants and some booties.  I would definitely buy something like this!


 Delivery #2

Wearing: Noir Elsa Soft Tee and Shilla Revolution Top
I absolutely loved the Soft Tee.  It had a really cool design, and was incredibly soft (like the name would imply).  It was really long on me, though, so I had to tuck in the front.  The Revolution top was a fun alternative to a basic black t-shirt, and had longer, crepe sleeves.  I liked this but wouldn't buy it in stores. 


 Delivery #3

Wearing: Lola vs Harper Skies Croc Tee and Splendid Laverne Top (with House of Harlow Sunburst Necklace)
I loved the Lola vs Harper tee!  It was a really comfortable material and had faux-crocodile sleeves.  Tops like this are so easy to dress up and down!  I liked the fact that I got 3 basic black tops in my totes.  That's what I typically wear to work (easy to match with different pants + no staining!)  I also loved the Splendid top.  It was a fun alternative to a traditional button-down top.  I loved the color and it was SO comfortable.

You'll also notice that I got the same necklace from the second tote but in white.  I loved the design and wore it constantly, so I wanted to try it out in white as well!  I love this necklace and may pick it up in the future.  You can request to get the same item in multiple totes, which is great if you find a favorite piece! 

Overall, Le Tote was a lot of fun to try out.  It's a good opportunity to wear lots of different clothes each month and not have to worry about washing the clothes or keeping them.  It's a lot cheaper than other clothing services (such as Stichfix or Golden Tote) and I would definitely try it again! 

If you're interested in trying Le Tote, I would appreciate if you used my referral link!  You'll get a $25 credit by using my link :)


  1. Love these! Think I'll have to try this out. I like the idea of getting to wear it a few times before I decide to take the plunge!

    1. You should! It was a lot of fun and their quality was great too!

  2. I looooove le tote! And I got a couple of the same things haha just the soft tee, and then some necklaces. I liked the soft tee, but i didn't like how it looked on me so i sent it back. I'm so into being able to wear the stuff and then send what I don't want back. so so cool!

    1. That's cool that you've tried it too! I loved trying it out :)

  3. What a great idea! I love that it's both clothes and jewelry. The outfits are really cute. I might look into this. Thanks for the thorough review!


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