#RunningWhole30 Meal Plan : Week 4

I apologize if anyone saw this posted last night.  I had the wrong time scheduled, so you might have seen this post half-finished!  Whoops!

I can barely believe it, but this is my final week of planning for the Whole30!  I thought that by this point I would be counting down the hours until day 31, and planning out my first non-compliant meal.  To be honest, I see no point in changing my eating habits right away. I'm happy where I am and eating so much great food, and my training hasn't suffered one bit.  I'll talk more about my transition plan next week!

Week 3 Update

I guess it goes without saying that week three was another success for me.  I did wake up a bit more tired than usual, but that's due to staying up late to watch Australian Open matches every night!  Other than that, my energy levels have been really high all day long, and I've been feeling great during my workouts.  I also noticed that I haven't been feeling sick or had any stomach issues at all this month.  It seems like everyone at work is sick lately, but I haven't had as much as a headache or cough.  

My surprising change for the week is that my eyes are getting lighter!  This is something that I noticed but thought was my imagination, then Dan mentioned that my eyes were looking brighter than normal.  I compared two pictures of my eyes- Day 1 on top and Day 20 on bottom- to show you the difference.  It looks like the outer edge of my iris isn't as dark anymore.  It also looks like the actual white of my eye is a bit less vein-y, and my under eyes are also lighter!  What do you think- am I crazy or is there a difference?

Week 4 Meal Plan


I love the idea of having egg cups for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.  Each cup can have its own ingredients, and I'll be sharing my recipe for this on Tuesday!  I'll also be trying out Michele's breakfast idea, which looked amazing on her blog.

Egg Cups (recipe coming!) x 5

Chipotle Taco Breakfast Skillet x 2


Most of the meals that I'm making this week make a lot of food, so I'll be relying on leftovers for my lunches.  I might also make some shredded chicken and add some veggies for a quick and easy lunch in case I run out, but I'm hoping I have enough food to carry me through lunch this week!


I'm so excited for my dinners this week.  One of my favorite simple meals to make is fish with roasted veggies, so I'll be making that two days this week.  The rest of the days I'm going to be feasting on a chili recipe that has been suggested to me so many times, and Margaret's amazing looking soup.  I love how simple prep will be for both of these recipes!

Salmon with roasted veggies (I like brussels sprouts, broccoli, mushrooms, or carrots) x 2

Cocoa Chili with Baked potato and kale salad (sub regular vinegar, omit cheese) x 3

Crock Pot Taco Soup x 2


I've been doing pretty well about the no snacking rule, but I typically have something to eat before or after my workouts.  I loved getting Lara bars last week, but this week I'm going to try to make my own.  I've also loved having a protein-packed smoothie before my workouts, or some unsweetened apple sauce.  Quick and easy fuel that's been great for my runs!

Homemade Lara Bars (make sure the recipe you're using is Whole30 compliant!  The ones I'll be making are cherry pie, key lime pie, and cashew cookie.)

Shopping List

whole30 meal plan shopping list


  1. I used to make egg cups for Alex all the time. Curious to see what you put in there!

  2. So cool about your eyes! I wonder what it is. The body is so fascinating sometimes. My eyes change color actually, sometimes depending on my mood.

    1. Haha mine do too! Sometimes they look more green and sometimes more blue. They've always had that dark lining around, so I thought this was interesting!

  3. I can totally see the difference in your eyes. That's incredible!! Beautiful green eyes in both pics, though. Callum has those eyes, and I adore them. <3

    1. Thanks! I call them blue but sometimes they look more green. Kinda neat how eyes do that :)

  4. Your eyes do look brighter! It is so interesting that they change like that. I can't wait to make the Taco Breakfast Skillet, it sounds so good!

  5. I made crockpot taco soup last week. So good and makes great leftovers.

  6. Enjoying reading your progress but I think you mean LARA BARS not Luna as Luna bars have a lot of non compliant ingredients! :)

    1. YES you're absolutely right Whitley. Thank you for catching that..complete oversight on my part. It's fixed now :) Thanks again!

  7. "This recipie delicious and I love the Asian flavors and ingredients you have used here. This is the kind of meal my family loves. We'll be having it soon. I hope you have a great day. Blessings.
    Regards: Eve Hunt


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