Top Five : Vancouver

oh, Candada....Hi everyone!  Today I'm coming at you with a quick Top Five Friday post, all about Vancouver!  As you all probably know, I'm excited about my trip and the Seawheeze Half Marathon.  I'll be sharing the top five things I'm excited to see (and eat) during my trip.

Talk to you all on Monday, and have a great weekend!

Tim Hortons

I might be starting off on a lame note, but I absolutely love Tim Hortons coffee!  Anytime I'm in a city that's lucky enough to have one, I always stop in and get their dark roast.  There's a few really close to our AirBnB, so I'll be sure to go there (probably daily).

Stanley Park

I absolutely love large parks in cities, so I'll definitely check out Stanley Park.  There's an aquarium which is right up Dan's alley, as well as lakes, trails, gardens and more!  This is also the location of the Sunset Festival (the after party for the race), which should be fun!

Sea Wall

Hopefully by now you all know that I love water and running by water.  One big reason why I wanted to do this race was because the course runs all along the border of the city, which is surrounded by water!  It looks absolutely gorgeous, and will hopefully make this a really fun race.  Suzy gave me some great restaurant suggestions that are located on the water, so I'll also get to enjoy the view in a more laid-back way!

Shopper Drug Mart

Another lame pick, but I've heard so much about Shoppers from YouTube videos and Canadian friends!  Anytime I visit a new country, I'm always interested in seeing their grocery stores and markets.  Since we're staying in an AirBnB, we also have access to a kitchen, so I'll be stocking up with some food for our stay!

Vegan Pudding + Co

While I was doing a little research on some places to eat near us, I stumbled upon a company called Vegan Pudding!  It's located really close to where we're staying, and they have so many interesting flavors of pudding.  This is definitely a treat that I don't want to miss out on!  While pudding might not be a purely Canadian or Vancouver treat, I'm excited to try it out during our trip!  (hey- maybe they have a maple flavor!?)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Have a wonderful time and a great race.

  2. Have so much fun! I've heard great things about the race, and about Vancouver--I would love to visit there some day!

  3. Have fun! It looks beautiful there--i need to go!

  4. Tim Hortons is soooo good! I've only been to Canada once but it was our first stop off the highway and it did not disappoint.

  5. I remember I pooh-poohed Stanley Park and the Aquarium! Ha ha! You guys will love it. I think I'm just spoiled. There's a killer fish and chip place in the middle of the park right close by the Aquarium so make sure you try that out! Can't wait to see you!!!!

    1. I really liked Stanley Park! And maybe we'll hit up the aquarium next time :)

  6. I've only ever been to Canada to vacation at Niagara Falls but would love to visit more of it.
    Have fun!

  7. Have a great race and fun weekend exploring Vancouver!

  8. have a fabulous time! hope you have a great race :)

  9. Seems like so many running bloggers are in Vancouver right now... makes me jealous (in a good way!!). Have a fabulous weekend and race!

    1. I wonder if everyone's there for the race or what?!


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