What's Next? Running Plans

Hi everyone! Now that my most recent training cycle is over, I'm already looking forward to training for more races!  I took a week off of running, and now my mind and body both feel refreshed and excited to get back at it.  I have a few races on my schedule for the next few months, so today I'll be sharing my plans!

Run Around the Square 5k 


This is one of my favorite local races.  I ran it last year with Dan, so I'm excited to see how I can do on my own this year!  I love the course- it starts on streets and ends on trails.  It's a hilly race, but ends with a huge downhill!  Plus, there's always great local beer at the finish.  What more could you want?

Towpath Half Marathon

October 9

I also ran this race last year, and it was my first time breaking two hours in a half!  I was originally planning on running the full marathon this year, but I don't feel mentally or physically ready. I have a good base right now, so I feel confident that I can have another great race this year and hopefully get another PR.  Next year I'll focus on training for a full marathon!

Pittsburgh 10 Miler

November 6

This is my favorite Pittsburgh race!  I've run it every year so far, so I had to sign up for it again.  I usually run this as a fun race and don't focus on time, but this year I'm going to actually race it.  In the past, I've had races the week before or after, but this year I have a month between Towpath and this race.  I feel like with all my training for a half, I should be able to destroy my 10 mile PR!

More Cross Training

While I was training for Seawheeze, I did yoga every week.  I think this really helped me (I managed to stay injury free the entire training cycle!) and I want to keep it up.  I also want to try more classes at my gym, so my goal is to try out one new class a month, and cross train at least twice a week.  Now that the weather is turning gorgeous, I also want to start biking more!

What are your upcoming races?
Favorite way to cross train?
Favorite local race?


  1. Right now I"m doing an awesome reformer class (for a review) and I am considering getting a pack of classes after that. I need some accountability with my prehab! And I NEED to get back to yoga. And do more strength training. I'm a mess.

  2. For sure you will crush your 10 mile PR and probably your half PR too! I've never run a 10 mile race before but it sounds like a really fun distance. My next race is a half marathon in September.

    PS: Great job at Seawheeze! I read your post while I was on vacation but didn't have time to comment. It sounds like such a fun race.

  3. I am excited for your upcoming races!! I will be running the Towpath Marathon on October 9th so hopefully I will see you there!! Btw, loved your Seawheeze recap. Instead of commenting like I should have, I immediately texted my closest girlfriends and started planning our trip to go next year, haha. Also - totally understand your desire for more cross training. Been trying to mix it up with more yoga and biking over here for my training.

  4. YAY!! Looks like you've got some fun things lined up. I love that you always have a run to look forward to!

  5. I love Buffalo Creek Half & though I just ran it for the first time, I loved the Two Face 10K, it was so unique!

    I'm not sure what I'll do race wise this fall. I would love to do a half, but I'm not planning on Buffalo Creek, just too much happening in the weeks leading up to it, and I want to race well. Trying to find something close for end of October or November.

    I'm running Ragnar in DC in the middle of Sept, so I have to keep running so I don't die there!

  6. These look like fun! I love that time of no-pressure running after a training cycle. Enjoy!

  7. Sounds like you've got a great fall lined up!! Nice!

    I want to do the Pgh 10 miler so badly, but the timing just never works out since it's so close to Thanksgiving and we'll be already traveling for that and Christmas. Maybe some day! We'll be in the burgh for Christmas so I'll keep my eye out for some holiday 5Ks around that time, for sure!

  8. Looks like a bunch of great races ahead! I just love fall racing season so I am excited to start training again soon :)

  9. My first race of the fall season is one week from Saturday. It's a five miler at what is called the (un)Pleasant Hill Trail Festival. One of my favorite local races is also a 10 miler...it's the Papa John's 10 Miler that has a great course, and pizza at the finish. Good luck with your training!

  10. Awesome! It sounds great. I regret when i cannot join any races or training because the injury in my knee.

  11. So many races! I'm planning on doing a lot more than I've done in the past too. As long as we stay injury free that's the important part! I do think yoga plays a HUGE role in keeping us healthy. I miss going to classes at work 5 days a week. It was such a nice perk.

  12. You're going to absolutely DESTROY that 10 mile race!!!!

  13. I've actually never run a race before, but if I ever sign up for one, I think a fall race would be beautiful and the perfect kind of weather.

  14. Yes, more cross-training is also on my agenda. I am not great at it.

  15. i have 3 half marathons coming up! i don't think any of them will be my under 2 hour goal, but maybe one day! i am excited though, but i have 2 within 7 days of each other so i am not sure what i was thinking there lol. interesting about the yoga, i will have to start doing it again and see if that helps me stay injury free as well.


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