Week in Workouts

Hi everyone!  Last week was a fantastic week of workouts, and I'm ready to start training again.  I have my race schedule planned out for the first half of next year, and I have some pretty big goals for myself.  I'll be sharing more later, but for today I'm going to recap my week of workouts.


3.1 miles / 30:05 / 9:42 pace
#NeverMissAMonday.  I ran around the stadiums and also got to see some of the holiday lights downtown.  Nice way to kick off my week!


I had to miss my regular yoga class, so I went to PiYo instead.  I love this class and I'm thinking of permanently replacing my Tuesday yoga class to switch things up.


Rest Day!


3 miles
I had to do this run on the treadmill because I had an issue with my eye and couldn't wear contacts.  I have pretty bad vision so I thought it would be safer to run inside!  Kept it nice and easy.  Today also started the 30 day yoga challenge (it's a goal of mine to do yoga every day in December following along with the Yoga with Adrienne channel on youtube) and the video was great!

Yoga video : Ease into it


3 miles / 27:10 / 9:03 pace
I'm taking Fridays off work for the rest of the year, so I was able to run during the day and took Selma with me.  She always knows when I'm getting ready to run and sits by the front door and tries to pull down her leash.  I couldn't resist her so I took her with me, and she kept me at a great pace!

Yoga video : Stretch and soothe


Rest Day!
I took the day off and got ready for the Big Ten Championship Game!  It was incredible and we pulled off an amazing win to the division.  I was so pumped that I didn't fall asleep until 1 or 2:00!  Definitely worth it though.

Yoga video : Forget what you know


8.5 miles / 1:30:30 / 10:38 pace
Thank goodness I had plans to meet up with friends to run on Sunday morning or I would have slept all day!  I woke up a bit tired but once I got moving I was fine.  I met up with a few friends (including fellow blogger Jennifer!) to run around North Park.  After the lap, I went off on my own to do another 3.5 miles by myself to finish up my longest run in a while!  I felt great, minus a bit of soreness in my IT band.  I got back and rolled it and stretched it out!

Yoga video : Yoga for your back

Total Miles : 17.6
Cross Training : PiYo and Yoga


  1. Please convince me to run outside this week. It is a tall order, and I'm making you responsible.

  2. That's a great idea to try to do yoga everyday, I have been wanting to do more and love doing videos at home. And it's such a hard time of year to run outside, I haven't done it in a few weeks because of the wind/cold.

  3. I felt great when I did yoga every day--I should get back in to incorporating that!

  4. You're taking Fridays off? That's awesome! I can't wait to hear about your training plans for this next year. Woohoo!

  5. Aw, I love that Selma knows when you're getting ready to run and tries to pull down her leash. Django is always sleeping before and after I run. He's a sleepyhead, and if I try to wake him up early, he curls into a tight ball as if to make himself invisible! Fun running with you Sunday!

  6. Great week of runs! Love the first picture :)

  7. Fridays off work for the rest of the year? Now that sounds like a good idea!


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