What's Up December!

I'm so happy today, because I finally remembered to join the What's Up Wednesday linkup!  I always forget to write my post, then see other bloggers sharing, and make a mental note to join next month.  Well- I finally did and have lots of fun stuff to share!  

Let's get to the interesting stuff and talk about what I'm......

Eating - a bunch of leftovers.  I'm trying to cut back on spending this month, which includes grocery shopping!  So far this month I've only spent $45 on groceries, and I'm done for the month.  I've been having lots of lentil soups, curries, and veggie burgers!

Aldi's- I heart you

Reminiscing about - 2016.  I'll probably do a recap blog post about everything that's happened in the last 12 months, because 2016 has definitely been the most meaningful and best year of my life!

love and marriage, go together like horse and carriage

Been up to - Working, running, socializing, repeat!  I've heard that while working in application development December is a slow month, but that definitely hasn't been the case for me.  It's been nuts at work lately but I'm loving every minute of it (plus, having a week of vacation just a few days away helps!).  Marathon training has been keeping me busy in the mornings, and I've been catching up with friends as much as possible in the evenings.  Something about the holidays brings out the social butterfly in me!

Dreading - More snow and ice.  I really don't mind running in the cold (it's not my favorite, but I can handle it).  Ice, on the other hand, scares me so much.  I'm a little better about running in it now that I have Yak Trax, but I hate driving in it.  If it could just stay above 30 and no precipitation, I would be very happy.

Excited about - Traveling and races.  I'm already looking forward to my race schedule in 2017 and some lofty goals that I have.  I'll be talking about them tomorrow but I'm SO excited.  I also can't wait to do more traveling next year and scratch more countries off my list!

Time to add to my collection!

Watching - A few shows:
- America's Next Top Model....I'm liking the new judges and format!  Happy that my guilty pleasure show is back.
- Top Chef Masters....I've had this show on in the background while I cook or work on blog posts.  So addictive!
- Project Runway....I'm so excited to see who wins!  Erin is my spirit animal and has been my favorite since she first popped out in a sunny yellow outfit.  LOVE HER.

Reading - Great Small Things by Jodi Picoult.  Seriously so amazing!  I'm about 3/4 of the way through and it's incredible.  Next in my queue is Good as Gone by Amy Gentry.  I honestly don't remember why I borrowed this or what it's about, so we'll see how it is.

Listening to - Do I even have to answer this?  All Christmas music, all the time!

Wearing - So many layers.  For running, I'm usually wearing 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops (at least).  For work, I'm really casual lately in black jeans and a chunky sweater.  At home, I'm wearing as many cozy clothes as I can find, including this super snuggly snowman onesie:

Jolly Happy Soul

Doing this weekend - Spending time with my family, then going to visit Dan's family.  We're going to have a pretty chill Christmas, but it should be nice.  Hoping for good weather!

What else is new - If you're a Pittsburgher or going to be in town for the holidays, you need to check out Miracle on Liberty!

Does it not look like the Christmas aisle of every Target in town threw up all over?

This is a pop-up bar that's open for Christmas and it's incredible.  Think about the most festive place possible, and multiply that by 1000.  Add in some cute holiday-themed cocktails (that actually taste amazing) and you have Miracle!
My drink- the Christmaspolitan! Vodka, Elderflower liqueur, Spiced cranberry sauce, Fig bitters. YUMM

I've heard of other cities that transform regular bars for the holidays, but this one is so fun since it's only open for a few weeks!  While you're downtown, make sure to check out the holiday lights, go for a skate, and look around the Holiday Markets :)

What are you watching lately? Any Christmas movie recs?
What are your plans for the holidays?
Holiday bars- yay or nay?
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  1. I don't go to bars but wouldn't mind checking out a holiday one since it looks so festive! Have a great holiday!

  2. Miracle on Liberty sounds amazing! Do you know when they shut down? Won't have time to check them out before Christmas but would love to before NYE.

    Also, ONLY $45 ON GROCERIES!? You make me look like I'm just wildly throwing money around! Haha. Do you guys have a bunch of pantry things stored up? Or is it just that much cheaper eating vegan?

  3. You should do a meal breakdown with that awesome $45 grocery bill!
    I'm terrified of ice too--I think it's because in PA it so often goes slightly above freezing, everything melts during that time, and then everything refreezes when it gets cold a few hours later. Ice is probably my biggest fear and the one thing I hate the most about Winter!

  4. We're working through leftovers around here too, it's lead to some interesting meals but it feels good to use up all the things that have been in the freezer or fridge! I'm a firm no on the holiday bars, but I can see how they would be fun!

  5. Oh my gosh $45 on groceries! HOW!!

  6. Holiday bars, hell yeah! I spent $45 on groceries so far this month too! Add a couple of zeros after that number though.

  7. You are the cutest little snowman :)

    Also: $45 on groceries for the month! Very jealous!

  8. That snowman onesie is SO cute! Hahaha! It's been a bit cooler here over the last week or so and I've actually gotten a chance to wear my Christmas sweaters without dying :P

    Way to go on getting all of your groceries for the month sorted for so little! BOOM!

  9. I got a gingerbread americano this morning thanks to a certain someone. So What's Up? Generosity and Utter Gratitude. xoxoxox

  10. We've only had one icy day so far, but I'm definitely dreading any winter weather for the same reasons-- driving in it is such a nightmare! Love how festive that bar looks-- there is something similar in DC, but I've heard the lines to get in are outrageous. Your drink sounds delicious, I love elderflower!

  11. What?!?! A holiday bar?? We don't have one of those (as far as I know!). I'm not really a Christmas person but I have to admit that looks fun. Your snowman onesie though...outfit of the month! :)

  12. bahahahahaha that onesie is hilarious. i want one. that festive bar looks amazing and i am so jealous there is nothing like that here.


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