Butler 5 Miler Training : Awesomeness

Compared to last week, this one was amazing!  Everything felt good again, and I was excited to get out for my runs.  It's still hot and sunny out, but I can already tell that my body is getting used to it.  Here's a look at how my week of training went:


3 miles / 10:00 pace
Started off the week with a doozy- it was raining outside so I decided to run on the treadmill at my gym for an easy 3 miles.  When I got there, the building was being evacuated because of a fire alarm going off in a restaurant that's connected to the gym.  I eventually got in, but the alarms went off for my entire run.  Not exactly the best Monday ever, but I got my run in and felt really good!


Strength training- arms


3 miles / untimed
According to my training plan, I was supposed to have a speed workout today.  I got home from work, not really looking forward to it, when Dan asked if I wanted to go for a run with him and Selma.  That sounded SO much better to me (and he never offers to go running with me normally) so that's what I did instead.  I didn't time it, didn't care about pace, and was just happy to be out with my family!  We stopped by the dog park afterwards, and it was just what I needed.


Strength training - legs


5 miles / 8:46 pace
I usually do my race pace workout on Saturdays, but when I started out on this run I decided to just get it over with.  My legs felt fresh and the weather was perfect, so why not just get it done!?  My goal pace for my upcoming race is 7:45/mile, so I was happy with my splits of 7:41 and 7:36.  The pace felt good and comfortable for me, even on a more hilly course.  
I definitely didn't fuel properly and didn't really eat much all day.  I think if I ate more all day and planned better for this race I would have felt a little better (I started to struggle a bit on the last 1/4 mile of the paced miles, and took my recovery miles really slowly).  I am happy to see some improvement in my paces from last week though.  In the evening I also did my core workout.


3.1 miles / 9:31 pace
In two weeks I'll be doing the Riverview 5k (one of my favorite races and in the neighborhood where I grew up!), so I decided to go out to the park to run the course.  I really need to get over to Riverview more, because the park makes me so happy.  There's a tree-lined two mile loop on the road, as well as tons of trails and other roads to run on.  
I had Selma with me, and we crushed this run!  I was surprised that my legs felt so good, and the hills that used to seem so big and intimidating to me just felt like little bumps.  Yay for hill repeats during marathon training!


7 miles / 9:44 pace
I woke up with bruises all over my right foot and on my big toe nails. Kind of freaked me out but I get bruised really easily and it doesn't hurt at all (even when I'm running) so I'm guessing I bumped it or dropped something on it. Hoping that it's not something serious! This run was ok..it was really hot out and I overdressed a ton (in the 80s when I started and I wore a t-shirt and pants...what was I thinking). Made it through though!

How was your week of training?
Ever wake up with phantom bruises?


  1. Yay for an awesome week of training!

    I used to always get phantom bruises before my iron infusion (I had really low iron levels) but now I tend to only bruise when I've bumped into something.

  2. Glad that you got back your awesomeness! Really nice sign of improvement that the Riverview hills feel like nothing to you now. They're no joke! You'll do great at that 5k!

  3. I remember when I first started running and had a bad run -- I would automatically jump to the conclusion that I'm not a runner and was stupid to think I could. Seeing that other runners have bad runs and keep going made me realize that one bad run doesn't change the fact that I enjoy running and want to get back to it. It's been almost a month since I've even put on my running shoes. That's gotta change and soon!

    And yeah, I phantom-bruise all the time. When I get one, I think "I should ask the doctor about that" but then there are no bruises when I do go to the doctor so I forget to ask. Figures ...

  4. You never figured out where those bruises came from? Riverview park looks gorgeous. I'm glad you had a better week last week and that still is my favourite photo of you!


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