Top Five Friday : Need a Break

YAY for long weekends!  This could seriously not have come at a better time.  I've been feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed by work lately (hence my absence on here and not-so-chipper posts) so I'm really looking forward to having an extra day off.  I have so much to do, though, that I'll still probably log in for at least a few hours this weekend.  If it's outside in the hammock, it doesn't count as work though, right?

Here's hoping that you all have a great weekend as well- whether or not you have off on Monday!

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Song : Swish Swish by Katy Perry

Hello- drama!  This song is so catchy and great for summer, but has an interesting meaning behind the lyrics.   Apparently it's Katy's way of snapping back at Taylor Swift for Bad Blood.  If they keep coming out with these catchy, fun songs, I never want them to make up.  (JK- #GIRLPOWER and all that jazz)

Podcast : Stuff You Should Know

I always love learning new things, and now that I started going to Trivia Tuesday on a weekly basis, I'm trying to up my podcast game so I can WIN!  This one ticks both of those boxes, and is described as a podcast that "educates listeners on a wide variety of topics, often using popular culture as a reference giving the podcast comedic value."  It's always ranked on the top of the iTunes chart, and I can understand why. It's funny but at the same time is really educational.  Give it a listen!

Product : Snack Nation box

I was really excited when I was contacted by Snack Nation to try some free snacks...that's an offer I can't refuse.  The company's mission is to get more healthy food to people, by making it more convenient than junk food.  There are boxes that are perfect for offices (with up to 150 snacks) as well as home boxes that you can customize yourself or get pre-selected.  I tried out their vegan box, and the snacks were amazing!!  My favorites were the Beanitos white bean chips, You Love Fruit fruit leather, and Dang toasted coconut chips.  If you're interested in trying out a box, you can use "SNACKBOX20" for a discount :)

Show : French Open

I haven't had any time to watch TV shows this week, but I am excited for the French Open to start!  Qualifiers are underway, the draw comes out today, and I can't wait.  This is going to be a really excitement without a really strong favorite in either the men or women's side, so I'll be watching very closely.  I'm hoping that my favorite Next Gen star Alex Zverev will win (or at least make it far), and I'm wishing for the return of Petra Kvitova after fighting off a knife attack in her own house late last year.

Random : CrossFit Regionals Week 2

Last week was the kickoff for the Regional competition in CrossFit.  It was a really exciting weekend, and I'm looking forward to this coming weekend, where we'll get to watch the Pacific, Central, and California regionals.  All of the events will be streamed live on the CrossFit YouTube channel or on their website if you're interested in watching!

Who else watches tennis?  Who's your favorite?
Have you ever done trivia?


  1. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum. Always and forever.
    I kind of love song battles :D
    I hope you get a serious recharge this weekend, dear! We miss yoU!

  2. Enjoy your long weekend--I feel like I need it too! Hope you relax and enjoy some yummy food.

  3. Ahhh sorry to hear you've been inundated with work. Hopefully it settles down a bit so you can enjoy some relaxation time! Make sure you post some stories from your hammock!

  4. I hope you get that much needed rest /time off this weekend! Thanks for linking up!

  5. So excited that someone else watches tennis on TV! I used to play tennis (on a team back in Germany!) and I miss it.

  6. Yes, what is it about working from home on the weekend that makes it...not seem so bad? I often take my laptop home with the intention that I'm going to get ahead for the coming week, and although I don't often end up actually doing it, there's something about it that doesn't feel so "work"-y!

    Girl, I'm so with you about needing a break. I've been looking forward to this 3 day weekend for like 3 weeks now. Here's hoping we both get the recharging we need this weekend!!


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