Buffalo Creek Training Week 4

Hi everyone!  I had another great week of training, which included a fantastic speed workout and my first double digit long run.  Here's to hoping that the good training weeks continue!


Rest Day
We came back from our camping trip in Ohio, so I decided to take the day off of running.  Great decision!


5 miles / 9:34 pace
I went out on a humid but cool run around my neighborhood, and did some yoga once I got home.  Selma joined in!


7 miles / 9:22 pace
I specifically remember this speed workout from last year and was looking forward to doing it again this year.  The plan was 1 mile warm up, 2 miles at half marathon pace plus 15 seconds, 6 x 30 second hill repeats, another 2 miles at the same pace, and 1 mile cool down.  I got to do this workout with Jessie again, and we ended up crushing our goal of 8:25 miles, and hit 8:16, 8:10, 8:17, 8:09.  The hills were definitely a challenge in the middle, but this is one of those workouts I can look back on and know I gave it my all.


Rest Day!


4 miles / untimed
I was originally planning on going on my long run after work, but ended up getting home an hour late (thanks to detours on the detours my bus takes home).  No worries- I just went on a shorter run and held off on my long run for Saturday morning.


10 miles / 9:42 pace
I really didn't know how this run would go, and I kept putting it off until it was early afternoon and I had to either get it over with or skip it for the day.  I decided just to go for it and take it as easy and slow as possible, just make sure that I get in the miles!  I went on a route that took me up and down huge hills for the first five miles, then finished with some more gentle rolling hills for the final five.  My first half was definitely slow, then each mile got faster and faster until I finished with one under 9:00.  Great moral booster!


3 miles / untimed
Went on a nice and easy run with Selma at the park.  Nice cool morning!

When do you like to do your long runs?
Favorite speed workout?


  1. Awww, I love that pic of you and Selma! (insert heart eye emoji!)

  2. So cool! You're my inspiration to keep working and be the best writer out of all Pick Writers in the world. Thanks for sharing with us your energy!


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