Cap City Half : Week One

Week one of training is in the books!  Once again we had some crazy weather (huge snow storm, followed by an intense wind storm that left us without power for 10 hours), but I had a pretty good week of workouts.  Here's how it went!


4.5 miles / 9:48 pace
Nice and easy loop around my neighborhood.  There was some snow, but there wasn't much wind and it wasn't too cold, so it was actually pretty pleasant.  I ended the run with a few striders.

Dirty Dozen
The plan that I'm following has a core workout that's supposed to be done on Mondays, so I made sure to do all 12 of the moves right when I got home from my run.


Beat Fitness / 1 hour
Class was pretty intense today, and I left completely sweaty.  The moves we completed were- dumbbell pull-down, kettlebell squats, TRX row, barbell back squat, hip thrusts, bicycle crunch, True From treadmill sprints, wall sits, mountain climbers, and club swings.  It was challenging but great!


Rest Day!
We got hit with a HUGE snow storm, so I stayed home from work and didn't really do much of anything.


2.5 miles
The weather changed quickly, and all of the snow melted thanks to a nice, warm day.  Since it was so nice out, Dan wanted to go on a run as well, so we took Selma and ran together!  I did about 2 miles with Dan, then finished up a bit alone.


Yoga Glo / 1.25 hours
I met up with a friend to try out a new yoga studio in Shadyside- Yoga Love.  This one was candlelit and was super relaxing.  The flow itself was pretty challenging and moved really quickly.  I enjoyed it a lot!


5 mile run
I met up with Jessie for an early morning long run!  We did a lap around North Park and it went by really quickly, and I felt great.

3 mile hike
A few weeks ago, I joined a Outdoors club to meet up with other local ladies to do fun activities outside.  We met up at Beechwood Farms Nature Reserve and had a great hike.


Rest Day!
Went to Top Golf with a few friends for two hours of golfing, but otherwise just relaxed all day and took it easy.

Have a great week!


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