Week in Workouts : Polar Vortex

We can just call this a cut-back week for running, because I definitely lowered my mileage!  We were hit with the Polar Vortex in Pittsburgh, which gave us temperatures below zero and no desire to leave the house.  I switched things up a bit this week though, including trying out a new outdoor workout.  Here's how the week went-


Total Body Conditioning
This is one of my favorite classes that I've tried with ClassPass, and today's definitely didn't disappoint!  The hour of class seemed to fly by, and by the end I was super sweaty and sore.  Loved it!


4 miles / 9:45 pace
I did an easy course around my house after work.  It started to snow pretty hard while I was out (hopefully you can tell in my shaky pic above!), but I powered through and ended up having a great run!


Rest Day!
Stayed home from work, didn't leave the house.  Brr!


Rest Day!
It was actually even colder than Wednesday, so I stayed home again.  Got a bit of cabin fever!


Cycle Bar
It warmed up quite a bit (wind chill got above 0), but all of the roads around me were really icy and not treated, so I decided to switch things up and go to a spinning class.  It was a while since my last one, but I missed it.  This class was a lot of fun and the playlist was on point!


5 mile run / 9:22 pace
I was actually planning on doing a longer run, but I did one lap around North Park and my entire body felt frozen (in addition to my eyelashes literally freezing my eyes shut a few times), so I cut my losses and called it a day.


Cross Country Skiing
A few weeks ago, I signed up for a class through Venture Outdoors for beginning cross country ski, and it ended up being the most perfect day to go!  We had a warm 40/50 degree day, but there was a ton of snow at Kooser State Park.  I've gone downhill skiing once, so I was really coming in as a beginner, but the class was so much fun and I caught on after about 30 minutes.  I definitely got a full body workout and also had a blast!

What's your favorite cold weather activity?
How was the weather in your area this week?


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