Week of Workouts - 1/13 - 1/19

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm bringing back one of my favorite series- week of workouts. I'm starting to train for my next race soon (Capital City Half!) so it's about time I start to regularly workout again!

Here is how my week of workouts went:


15 minute core
Earlier this year I downloaded the Nike Training Club app, and it's completely changed the game for me at the gym. I've been trying to do three workouts a week, and target arms, legs, and core (since you can sort by muscle group!). Today was a core day, so I found one called "Quick-Hit Abs" which was really tough but went by quickly.

60 minute Spin Class
Really great class today! I'm not the biggest fan of the instructor, but the playlist is always great and I end up with a fantastic workout (plus the time is really convenient for me), so I try to go weekly.

Yoga - Nurture
I've been doing Yoga with Adriene's 30 day challenge (I always do it in January), and this was day 12- Super easy and slow practice. Lots of stretching and relaxing- felt great after a few days of running!


2.25 mile run
Headed to the park after work for a quick run. It was a perfect day and I got to see a beautiful sunset. I also felt really good on this run but held back since it was just an easy day.

Yoga - Grow
Fun practice today that had me traveling all over the mat. It was a short one and I wanted more after I finished! Good feeling to have :)


25 minute arms
I did a "Back and Biceps Burnout" workout, which was really tough! The workout went by really quickly and was divided into three different parts and three sets in each part. It was definitely a challenge, but I enjoyed it a lot.

15 minute Stairmaster
I always try to pair some cardio with my strength (either as a workout like on Monday or just a cool-down like today). The strength workout was pretty tough, so I took it easy on the stepper and watched some Netflix.

Yoga - Return
The practice was very timely, because Dan just returned from a work trip that day! We got to do the practice together, and it was a great one with some hip openers.


3 mile run
Chilly and windy day, but my legs felt so good. I'm finally starting to feel like runs are starting to click and it's the best feeling ever.

Yoga - Reset
This was my favorite practice in the series so far! It was so much fun and fast-paced, which is my favorite. We're at the halfway point!


15 minute lower body
This workout was called "Better Butt", and if definitely worked that area! It was challenging but another fun one.

30 minute spin
Stretched out the legs after a hard effort with some spinning. Nothing too intense and felt great!

Yoga - Savor
Another nice and easy practice with some good twists. Made my back feel very happy!


5 mile run
My original plan was to meet up with a local running group for a long run around Squirrel Hill, but I woke up in the middle of the night to an ice storm and the weather was not looking great! A few of my friends agreed to meet up at a close park to run, and we ended up doing 5 easy miles. Halfway through it started to hail like crazy and stung our faces, so we cut it short (we were planning on doing 6+ miles). Driving home was really scary and I was sliding all over the place, so I'm really glad I didn't take a chance on going further away!

Yoga - Synchronize
This one was not my favorite- it felt really slow and repetitive.


15 minute core
Fun Core Crunch workout today! Some of the moves were really difficult (low boat..so hard!) but I felt great after finishing. I love the stretches at the end, really helps to relax the core after working it so hard!

30 minute elliptical
It's been such a long time since I've been on an elliptical (not sure why- it's just never been my favorite machine) so it was fun to use this after my workout! It really helped to stretch out my legs after the long run and was a nice, easy workout.

Yoga - Believe
Really liked this one- lots of balance and quicker pace. Was definitely a challenge but I loved it!

Have you tried a yoga challenge?


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