Week of Workouts - 1/20 - 1/26

Another week of training in the books, and it was another great week! Official race training starts in another couple of weeks, and I feel like the base I'm building right now is really great. I also tried some new classes at the gym, which I'm hoping to integrate even more into my training!

Here's a look at how the week went-


60 minute spin
Really great class and workout today! I really pushed myself and it felt amazing. I also had a friend join me which made it even better.

Yoga - Balance
This was a really hard one! I'm not good at any kind of hand stand or hand hold positions, so I kind of failed at that. But the rest of it was great!


Rest Day!
Dan and I went out to dinner after work, so I took a much-needed rest day.

Yoga - Still
As you can imagine by the name, this was a very gentle practice. Good way to end off my rest day!


3 mile run
It was a beautiful day out, so I was excited to get outside and run! I felt SO GOOD on this run- full of energy and like I could have run much faster.

Yoga - Boost
Another slower practice, but some of the stretches felt really great. There were also some abs thrown in for fun.


20 minute arms
Tough arm and shoulder workout from Nike Training Club app! This was one that I've done before and it was still a killer.

1 hour Zumba
It's been a while since I've gone to a Zumba class and I was definitely rusty, but it was so much fun. Some of the fun is messing up the steps and just doing your own thing, but I also got in a great workout and finished up super sweaty and smiling!

Yoga - Stir
I was so close to skipping this because I got home late after the gym and a trip to the car dealer, but I just sucked it up. So glad that I did because this was such a fun video! It went by really quickly and the moves felt so great.


20 minutes legs
I'm starting to do leg day the day before my long run so I can get used to running on tired legs, and today's workout was really tough. Lots of lunges and jump squats- ouch!

30 minute stairmaster
Followed up legs with more legs! I really like the stairmaster and it feels like such a great workout.

Yoga - Focus
A little bit of everything in this- balance, stretching, strength. Felt amazing and the time went by really quickly even though it was one of the longer practices.


7.15 mile run
Met up with a local running group and some friends for my long run! It was a hilly route but I enjoyed catching up with everyone. My training buddy Jessie and I did a "last mile fast mile", where we pushed as hard as possible for the last mile of the run. It felt really tough after the hills and running at an easy pace, but I know it'll help come race day.

Yoga - Uplift
This was a great fast-paced practice that was also short and sweet. Really enjoyed this!


15 minute abs
Fun and fast core workout today! I liked this one a lot, and I'm feeling really strong on exercises that used to be hard for me (like boat to low boat).

30 minute walk
After abs, I walked on the treadmill and did about 2 miles. My legs were TIRED after leg day and long run, so this felt really good to stretch them out!

Yoga - Unwind
Super slow and soothing practice. Needed this one, and there's only five days left in the yoga challenge!


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