Back at it

Happy Labor Day! I hope you all had a great weekend and are hopefully enjoying a day off today. I had a great week of enjoying cooler temperatures and getting back to my favorite outdoor activities. Now that it's cooling off hopefully there's more to come of that!  Here's a look at how my week went-


20 min Pop Ride with Erik
Finished off my tour de instructors with a German double feature- a ride with Erik and a stretch with Irene! I switched my settings to allow German language classes to be shown but for some reason I still can' there weren't too many to choose from from these two sadly. I really liked Erik and hope I can find more from him!

30 min Breathe In, Speak Up Slow Flow with Chelsea
Really great and difficult class to end my night. Chelsea dedicated this practice to Chadwick Boseman, talking about the various roles that he's played and included music from their soundtracks. She also recognized and thanked her various team members which was really sweet to listen to.


20 min Run+Walk with Chase
I wanted to head out for a lunchtime run, and Selma was giving me puppy dog eyes, so I brought her along. We ended up running pretty much the entire time and she had such a fun time!


30 min Sean Paul Ride with Hannah F
Super fun pick for the latest Artist Series! I'm a hug Sean Paul fan, and Hannah brought the energy with this one. Great song choices and the class was a great way to start my day.

3 mile Hike
It was Selma's 9th birthday, so we decided to take her to an off-leash trail to let her enjoy! She had such a blast and really liked all of the creek crossings..she would take off down the water and splash around until we caught up. We also met some doggy friends and had a fun time all around.

30 min Evening Yoga Flow with Denis
This was such a nice yoga practice to end the night- it focused on relaxing moves and stretching gently. My first evening class but I'll be doing more as a way to wind down at the end of the day.


20 min Hip Hop Fun Run with Robin
Nice, fun run around the neighborhood with a great playlist! I did this at lunchtime but it was still a nice day out- thank goodness for the cooler temps.

10 min Restorative Yoga with Aditi
I actually meant to do the yoga flow before this but just ended up opting for the gentle restorative class. This was short and sweet- I could have gone for a longer class but this was still nice.


30 min Yoga Flow with Denis
Apparently I'm in a yoga mood this week! I got to do this one outside which was super nice. This was a beginner class, but still was kind of challenging. I've been working on my chataranga and in today's class it felt really good!

1 hour Kayak
Lunchtime kayak with absolute perfect weather. The water was amazing and it was beautiful out! Wish we went after work so we could have stayed out there longer, but I'm so lucky to have a great park so close that I can visit during the day. It's been a while since we came here so I need to start going more frequently before it gets too cold out!


10 mile Bike Ride
Dan and I headed up north to Butler to bike on the Butler Freeport trail! I've been on the other end of this trail from Freeport, but this was my first time starting at the other end. It was really nice and seemed greener on this side. It was a perfect day for biking, and we finished up by walking to Butler Brew Works for a flight of beer and some food. My kind of day!

3 mile Hike
Selma was jealous of our fun day without her, so I took her to the park for an evening hike. She had a blast but wishes she was able to ride bikes too :(


30 min Run + Walk with Selena
Perfect morning run! I wasn't a huge fan of the playlist, but liked the intervals and ended up running most of the time. Felt great to be out and shake off a bit of yesterday's miles.


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