Fall in the Air

Happy Monday everyone! I believe that fall officially starts this week, but it definitely arrived in Pittsburgh. The weather has been crisp and almost cold in the morning and evenings- I have a feeling we'll be shoveling snow before we know it. This was a fun week of workouts- here's a look at what I did.


20 min Bodyweight Strength with Matty

Trying to get better about strength so started my week off with another Bodyweight class! These are great because I don't have many weights (and nothing heavier than 10 pounds) so in this one I never feel like I'm missing a good workout. I liked this class a lot and it was a fun start to the week!


30 min Rock Fun Run with Andy

Woke up to glorious weather- 48 degrees! Perfect for running and I felt amazing, something that hasn't happened for running in a while. Guess it's time to get more consistent and back to my normal mileage!


3 mile walk

It was a beautiful day and I actually had an hour free for lunch so I took Selma to the park for a walk. She was so happy and we saw a lot of dog friends! It also felt great to get outside and get fresh air.

30 min J Balvin Ride with Jess

Horray for another Artist Series! I'm a huge fan of J Balvin and Raggaeton music in general, so I was really excited for this ride. Definitely one I'll do again because the music was great and I love rides with Jess King!


30 min XOXO, Cody Ride

This is going to be my new weekly ride because it's so FUN and has brightened up my work day/week the past two weeks that I've joined. This was another fun ride with a playlist filled with legendary lip sync songs from Rupaul's Drag Race. 

30 min Bike Bootcamp with Jess Sims

Decided to try my first bike boot camp right after that ride and it was probably a bad idea- I felt great for the first section of riding and during the strength but then I lost all energy and desire to keep going. It was a fun class but definitely need to do it by itself next time.


30 min All For One Run

Finally finished all of the All For One workouts from this year and also crossed off Running from my monthly goals! This was a fun class featuring all of the tread instructors. I wish that Adrian and Rebecca were also included but this was a good and fast-moving class. 

10 min Desk Yoga with Ross

Felt a little tight after my run and sitting for work so I did a quick class when I had some minutes between meetings. This felt great and stretched out my hips and back really well! I always love the Yoga Anywhere classes and this was no exception.


5 mile walk

Selma and I went to the park for a walk around the lake loop. I don't think I've ever walked her the whole way around before but she loved it and wanted to keep going! It was pretty chilly out (but really clear and beautiful as you can see above) so I had to keep her out of the water even though she really wanted in :)

20 min Metrics Ride with Alex
Checked another ride type off my list! Fun ride with Alex and as always the playlist was on point.


45 min Marathon Race Prep with Robin
This was my longest run in a while but actually felt really great! The weather was cool enough for long sleeves and I enjoyed this a lot. This class is intended for Peloton's marathon training series, so Robin was giving a lot of racing tips. Actually made me happy to not be racing because I forgot how stressful they are for me, and I've been enjoying just running for fun lately.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Denis
Great end to the week with some relaxation. This was a good class (not my favorite but still nice) with just a few restorative poses.


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