September Goals and Highlights

We're basically at the midpoint of September already (maybe not but might as well be) so I'm sharing my goals a bit late, but better late than never! August was a really busy month and I felt like I was always working on something. I have some exciting news to share below about a new venture I'm starting and some fun projects I completed and have coming up!

Let's start with a highlight- we went camping in August! It was my first time in Raccoon Creek but I will definitely be back- it's such a beautiful and huge park. The trip was so much fun and it was a great quick escape. Hoping to camp one more time this year- fall camping is my absolute FAVORITE so I'm excited.

Now let's see how my goals went last month!

 German Lessons

I would say that I did pretty well with this goal- I finished up two seasons of the Coffee Break German lessons, and also worked through a workbook. I also practiced a lot with friends that speak German! It's been so fun (and challenging) to learn, so I want to keep this up.

Finish Two Art Projects

This month was full of SO much art for me. I started out by making two pieces for the bathroom (see below for those!). Then, I decided to make my sister a watercolor house painting, and then made one for my mom and some friends. I also did other paintings and have been absolutely loving it! In fact- I decided to open an Etsy shop for custom watercolor signs and house paintings! You can check it out here if you're interested :)

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

I finished the bathroom remodel pretty early in the month (you can see my post on that here) but took a while to do the kitchen. I didn't really have much to do- paint, hang some pictures, and add a backsplash- but I was kind of nervous about tiling for the first time so I kept putting it off. I finally did it (it was actually this past weekend so technically didn't make my August goals) but wasn't too hard to do, just time consuming. It was fun learning a new skill and I'll share pictures and information in an upcoming blog post.

Try Every Peloton Instructor
Done! I did have to sneak some in at the end with quick 5 minute rides or stretches, but I did take a class with every instructor! It was fun to try them all out and push myself to take different classes than I usually do.

No let's talk about goals for September!

Hike 4 new Trails

I love discovering new trails and hiking in the fall, so I can't wait to check this one off my list! I especially want to get to Ohio or West Virginia for a day hike and get out of my little Pittsburgh bubble. Both of those states are within an hour or two driving distance, so I think that would be a fun weekend activity to look forward to.

Oktoberfest @ Home

Dan and I had an epic trip to Europe planned- checking Austria and Liechteinstein off our list of countries, going sky diving in Switzerland, and ending with Oktoberfest in Munich. Unfortunately that's not going to happen, but I can still bring some of that spirit home. I want to make a fun dinner with all of my German favorites and some yummy festive beer and hopefully we won't be as sad about missing this trip!

One Class in Every Category

This month's fitness challenge will be to try every single category of class in one month- this would include Strength, Running, Yoga, Outdoor, Bootcamp, Walking, Cardio, Cycling, Meditation, and Stretching. I've already tried all of these in the past, but haven't made it a point to do them all in one month! I also want to try all of the different cycling class types- beginner, low impact, power zone, climb, live DJ, interval, heart rate zone, theme, groove, metrics, and pro cyclist. I've only tried three of these so I'm excited to try more!


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