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Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This was kind of a cutback week of sorts for me in terms of exercise- I had some house projects that I wanted to finish up, and the weather was kind of iffy most of the week. Looking forward to getting back outside this week hopefully!  Here's a look at my workouts-


20 min Bodyweight Strength with Adrian

It's been way too long since I've done a strength class and I definitely paid for it...this class felt SO hard. 

20 min Groove Ride with Cody

I checked off a new type of ride with this class! It reminded me a lot of spin classes I used to go to with more "choreography" (just rising up and sitting down more frequently) and helped those sections go by really quickly while using higher resistance! This did make me miss classes at Zenergy Cycling, which was an actual full-on dance class on a bike and SO FUN.


40 min Yoga with Aditi

What a great start to the day! Aditi had two live classes this morning- a 20 minute hip focused flow, followed by a 20 minute restorative class. They were a great way to stretch first thing in the morning and start out feeling great.


30 min Walk + Run with Adrian

Selma was dying for a walk, so I took her on this workout with me after work. We turned back to summer and it was in the 90s, so we definitely relied heavily on the walk portions! Still felt good to be out in the sun and she enjoyed it a lot.

10 min Full Body Stretch with Adrian

Later in the day I took this stretch class while I watched tennis, and it felt AMAZING!! We did so many new stretches that felt really great, particularly since I was still a little sore from Monday's class.


20 min Wyclef Jean Upper Body Strength with Robin

Great workout this morning! This was a really fun playlist and I liked the format of the class- just one circuit with 4 exercises that we did 3 times, finishing with an EMOM (every minute on the minute) of different exercises. Super fun!

30 min XOXO, Cody Ride

If you need a ride to put a smile on your face and to have the best time possible on a bike- this is the ride to do. Cody always has amazing playlists, and this one was really fun (all the songs were about the butt...Baby Got Back, My Humps, Ms. New Booty...) and is HILARIOUS, so this was basically the best class ever.  Highly recommend!


10 min Low Impact Ride with Matt

Just felt like doing something easy in the morning. After work was over Dan and I worked on the backsplash tile in the kitchen (post coming this week!) which ended up being another workout, so I had no energy for anything else today.


20 min HIIT Run with Robin

Did not get in much running this week, so I ventured out in the morning before finishing up the kitchen and getting ready for my annual Pumpkin Beer taste test (socially distant this year of course!) I really need to get back to running because the weather is feeling amazing!


20 min Beginner Ride with Alex

Another class type to cross off my list for the month! I always love classes with Alex and this was a good one..nothing too exciting or flashy but would be a good intro for new riders.

30 min Flow and Let Go with Aditi

I love doing these classes- half of the class is doing a regular active yoga flow, and the other half is restorative yoga. I think 30 minutes is too short for this format though- it felt so rushed the entire time and like we were sprinting through the postures. Next time I'll just go for the regular 45 minute class!


  1. I have a spin bike on its way to me this week as a birthday present because I miss classes at Zenergy so much. I think I'm going to try out the Peloton app - you'll have to let me know which classes/instructors you like so I can check them out!

    1. ON IT!! I'm also working on a post with all of my favorite peloton classes in every category!


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