It's Beginning to Look a lot Like....

Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Last week we got our first BIG snowstorm of the year, and on days like that, I really appreciate being able to stay home and not trek into work! I could just enjoy the beauty from afar without having to slip around or be frozen. Here's a look at what I did this week-


30 min Movie Buff Ride: Holiday Special with Kendall

I took Kendall's first Movie Buff ride around Halloween, and this was just as fun. Lots of holiday movie music and I felt like I was in the story the whole time. It was a great mid-day break for a workout!

30 min Holiday Pop Yoga Flow with Kristin

I thought this class would be really fun, but I could barely hear to music during it! Otherwise this was a nice class with some of the traditional moves renamed for the holidays. I always like Kristin's class and this was another winner.


20 min HIIT Run with Adrian

I'm SO excited because Adrian just started adding Outdoor Runs! As much as I like downloading the treadmill runs, these are better suited to running outside since the instructors cue effort instead of speed. I actually did this run with Selma- when I was getting ready to leave at lunchtime and looked back she was sitting and staring at me with those puppy dog eyes. I couldn't leave her so she ended up doing this run with me and did a great job!

10 min Yoga Flow- Hips with Aditi

I did this class after the run (while Selma slept) and it felt so good, just like a fantastic hip stretch. Really like doing these shorter classes instead of stretches after a hard run.


30 min Bike Bootcamp Core with Jess

I'm pretty sure I did this workout before (a few months ago bike bootcamps got its own category with Peloton and all of the ones you did before got wiped out), but it was still good! I've been trying to work on my core lately because I've been having some shoulder pain, so this was a perfect class.

10 min Intro to Pilates with Sam

This week Peloton added Pilates to their roster of classes, and I was really excited to try them out! This intro was very basic- working on alignment and some of the main movements. I have only taken a few classes with Sam but really like him, so I can't wait to try more classes with him.


Snow Hike

We got almost ten inches of snow, so I had to take Selma to the park for a hike! It was so gorgeous out with the snow all over the trees, and we had a great walk. Perfect mid-day pick up.

10 min Restorative Yoga with Ross

My body really needed a day for rest, so this was the perfect "workout" to take. I did it right before my group's holiday party and it felt good to stretch out and relax for a bit.


45 min Holiday Run with Becs

I had a vacation day, so I was able to have a leisurely morning and go on this run after lunch. It was so much fun- most of the songs were classical holiday songs, which is what I usually listen to around the house. I don't know if it was because I loved the music, but this was one of those "unicorn" runs that felt amazing and like I could keep running forever! The beautiful snowy trees and wind-free cool day definitely helped as well!

Holiday Flash 15 with Jess

Once I got home, I did this workout (that I accidentally slept through in the morning..whoops!). Flash 15 is a new series with Jess Sims, which consists of a 2 minute warmup/activation, then a quick rest while she demonstrates the moves for our 12 minute EMOM (every minute on the minute- you do a set of exercises at the top of every minute, and if you finish before the end of the minute you can rest before starting again). For this workout we had three different sets- first set was 6 oblique crunches on each side and 6 jump lunges. Second set was 6 pushups followed by 6 skaters. Third set was 6 broad jumps and 6 burpees. Each set was a minute, then we started back at set one again, ending up doing each set four times. Of course, Jess made us increase the number of reps each time we went back to set one, and we ended up doing 12 of each exercise!! This definitely kicked my butt!

20 min Year of Yes Ride with Robin

I did this ride as a cooldown after all of that hard work. This is a new series that Peloton is doing with Shonda Rhimes, all around motivation and reaching your best! It was a nice class with some motivational songs, and shaking out my legs felt great.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Denis

Great relaxation at the end of the night! This class actually had more movement and positions that normal, which I really liked. Sometimes I almost fall asleep when we're in positions for too long, so this was nice but also felt great after a long day of workouts.


40 min Yoga Flow with Chelsea

I took two of Chelsea's live classes back to back- a regular yoga flow and a focus flow for hamstrings. I was so sore after yesterday so I took it really easy and rested a lot! This was my 100th yoga class so I got a nice shout-out from Chelsea which just made my entire day!

30 min Pop Bike Bootcamp with Cody

There was a challenge in Peloton for the past two weeks to take four bike boot camp classes, and this was my fourth! It was a fun class (Cody's always are) and the music was on point. 

30 min Sweat Steady with Jess King

This was my first ever Sweat Steady ride and I was super excited because it was supposed to be "festive" themed...but unfortunately it was just a regular class. That's alright though because it was really fun! I liked the layout of this class- it was set up kind of like an endurance run where you start easy and every five minutes get more intense. After 20 minutes we eased up again- kind of like a pyramid of effort. I liked the format so much that I'll definitely take more Sweat Steady rides.


60 min Epic Sing Along Ride: Holiday with Jenn

I woke up and it was a slush city outside, so I decided to stay in and do another ride! Definitely a ride-heavy week for me, so next week I'll try to run more often. But- this was another first for me- taking an Epic Singalong ride! I also don't ride with Jenn very often, and she was amazing. She was actually the first ever instructor on Peloton, and she said this was her first festive ride that she's done! It was a mix of regular songs and holiday songs (including a Hanukkah song since she's Jewish!), and we of course sang along the whole time. The hour flew by and I had a blast!

30 min Restorative Yoga with Kristin

Best way to end the week, especially when followed with a bubble bath. Relaxation station!


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