New Workout Plan

Good morning and happy Monday to everyone! This week I decided to try something new- I came to the realization that the thing I miss about racing isn't the actual race itself, but having a structured plan to follow. So, this week I brought out an old planner and sat down to write out a workout plan for December. I wanted to get in a combination of running, spinning, boot camps, yoga, and strength (along with all of the fun holiday workouts coming up on Peloton), and I think I got the balance just right. This was my first week following that "plan" and I did every workout! Here's how it went-


45 min Full Body Bike Bootcamp with Jess

This was my first live bike boot and it was really fun and a great workout! There were two bike sections with 10 intervals in each, and then two strength sections. The very last section was 10 minutes long and was an EMOM (every minute on the minute) - that just blasted every part of your body. I was so tired during it and almost stopped at minute 42, but then Jess reminded me that I signed up for a 45:00 class and to keep going! 

10 min Focus Flow- Hips with Denis

This class was AMAZZZZZING. There were only a few moves, but they all opened up my hips so nicely and I felt like a new person once this was finished. Not sure how such a quick class could have that effect but it was incredible.


30 min Turkey Trot with Matty

We had our first actual snowfall of the year (happy December!) and it made for a really fun and beautiful run. I followed along with this class that was shared on Thanksgiving and it was really good and laid back! Matty played one of my favorite songs that isn't really played often- You Are the Reason by Calum Scott, as well as Con te partiro by Andrea Bocelli. Just a great class all around and felt really good to be running outside again.


10 min Standing Yoga with Kristin

A little mid-day stretch. This was a little tougher than some of the other Yoga Anywhere classes I've taken but it was a nice way to shake out after sitting for work all day.

30 min Outkast Ride with Denis

I loved this ride because there are so many great Outkast songs that I completely forgot about, and this ride focused on a lot of those oldies. Really fun ride!


30 min Jess King Experience

Second week in a row tuning into this ride live. It's on the later side (8PM!) so I didn't go too hard. This was a really fun class because she had different dance styles from around the world to highlight all of the different groups that ride on Peloton. I learned a ton of new songs so this was really great.


60 min Bring the Heat Bootcamp with Jess

Another fun #SaturdaySixty class this week. This was from Thanksgiving week, and all of the songs were heat themed (Love is like a Heat Wave, Hot Stuff, The heat is on, etc) which I thought was really clever. I'm not sure if I'm getting stronger or what, but this class didn't seem as hard to me.

30 min Evening Yoga with Denis

Took this right before bed and it was a great way to end the week on a relaxing note. Lots of great hip openers and a slower, easier flow.


60 min Climb Ride with Christine

This was Haleakala ride #4 and was my favorite yet! I can feel myself getting stronger every time I do these rides and end up going further every time. We're almost to the top of the volcano and I'm loving it! As soon as I finished this I did a nice post-ride stretch which I really needed.

5 min Core Strength with Emma

I actually did this class while I had dinner in the oven. It was nice and short but a really good workout. Doing this reminded me of taking Emma's core program and I'm happy to say I still feel as strong now as I did back when I finished that program.


45 min Turkey Trot with Matt

It's been a while since I've been to the park for a run, but since it was a little chilly I decided to go before it got too busy. Luckily there weren't too many people out and I wore a mask when passing anyone, and it was great to have a change of pace. I also really liked this workout with so much with the music selection and Matt talking about a race in Atlanta. Helped class go by really quickly.

20 min Restorative Yoga with Chelsea

Relaxing class to end off the week. This is one I've done in the past and it's just perfect. More active than most restorative classes I've taken but I liked some movement.


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