Busy Busy

Happy Monday everyone! I hope that you all had a great week and weekend-mine was definitely busy with house stuff and seeing friends outside (thanks to beautiful weather!) so I'm hoping for a slightly more chill and relaxing week. Here's a look at my workouts!


10 min Yoga with Denis (Peloton)

This class had all of my favorites- a few leg stretches and then some balance. I always love a class with lots of balance in it! Great start to the week and day.

45 min Carribbean Bike Bootcamp with Jess (P)

I got out of the habit of doing bike bootcamps on Mondays when Jess took a few weeks off, so this was extra rough. I haven't really been in the mood to push myself too hard in classes lately since I'm feeling a lot of stress in other areas of my life, so once again I just took this class easy. I know that I'll get back to tough workouts, but now is just not the time and that's alright!


5 min Mindful Cooldown with Dustin (Apple Fitness +)

Nice and gentle way to start my day- light twists followed by a moving meditation. I haven't done a moving meditation since my days of taking Tai Chi in college, so I really enjoyed this one.

3 mile Trail Run

Headed to the park at lunch for a fun trail run. The leaves are all coming in so this was a gorgeous run! There was even a section with some wildflowers coming in and it smelled incredible. I loved this run.


10 min Focus Flow : Hips with Aditi (P)

Hip classes always feel amazing, especially after a run. This was a great class with a bunch of lizard variations. I wish I took a longer class because I didn't want it to end!

30 min 90s Run with Jess Sims (P)

I actually took this class on the bike (my wifi was out, so I just took a class that I already had downloaded on my phone) and it was SO much fun! Since I don't have a Peloton anyway, I don't follow the actual numbers that they throw out and I enjoyed this way much more. Some of my favorite instructors are only on tread, so I'm excited to start taking more of these classes. Not sure why I haven't thought of doing this before but it was a happy accident!


20 min Slow Flow with Aditi (P)

Dan wanted to do a longer class this morning, so I picked this one for a gentle start to the day. I really liked this class- it wasn't too challenging and lots of stretches at the end. I think I'll start adding longer classes in the morning..with the sun rising so early I've been waking up much earlier than normal so I have more time for a longer class.

2 mile Hike

I had a pretty long break for lunch in my day (which has not been happening lately) so I convinced Dan to go to the park with me for a hike. Selma had a lot of fun exploring somewhere new, and we even let her into the lake to cool down a bit. She was so happy and it was a great break in my day.

30 min Funk Fun Run with Becs (P)

Today we had PERFECT weather for a run. It was partly sunny and just warm enough, which is ideal for me. This wasn't my favorite playlist but Becs mostly talked over it which helped time pass quickly.


10 min Focus Flow: Figure Four with Chelsea (P)

I had to take another focus class to get the weekly badge, so I took one based on my favorite move- the figure four. This always feels so great on my hips and IT band. This class had a few different variations of that move and I really liked it.

20 min Cycling with Kym (AF+)

It's been a while since I've taken an Apple Fitness + ride, so I decided to try out a new instructor for this one. I really liked Kym- she was sassy and silly but still pushed me. The music was great too! After class ended I took a classical music cool down on Peloton, which featured all Asian musicians. 


17 mile Bike Ride

Dan and I met up with a friend for another fun bike ride this morning! We started with a coffee from Carnegie Coffee Company, then headed down the road to the Panhandle Trail. The trail was gorgeous- super flat and straight and surrounded by trees and shrubs. It was a perfect day out with just a bit of heat and lots of sun! We went to where the trail intersects the Montour Trail, and biked back. On the way we stopped at Helicon Brewing, which is right on the trail. The beer definitely hit the spot- I had a few samplers and then got a Shandy. After drinking and eating, we biked a few miles back to the car. It was my first time on the trail but I absolutely loved it!


20 min Slow Flow with Aditi (P)

Really great class this morning! Stretched out nicely and had a short sun salutation at the start of class. Best way to start off the day.

45 min Walk + Run with Chase (P)

I was pretty sore from biking (I'm pretty sure that is my longest ever outdoor bike ride) so I decided to take this run easy and do a walk + run. That was definitely the right call because I loved this run and felt really good during it! The class was broken into different segments, starting with a 2 minute run/1 minute walk, then a 90 second run/1 minute walk, and finishing with 1 minute run/1 minute walk. Time went by so quickly and I ended up having a pretty good overall pace. After I got home I did a nice full body stretch.

5 min Core Strength with Emma (P)

Peloton just did an overhaul on all of the programs, so I decided to go back and take Crush Your Core again. I like how now they mark off your progress so you know exactly what class to take next and can see your days ticking off as you take classes. Today was day one and it was a quick but tough class.


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