Farewell Tour

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week- this was my final full week in Pittsburgh and was very busy with getting last touches done to our house and packing like crazy. I didn't really have a productive week of workouts (which is absolutely to be expected) but it definitely helped me mentally when I was able to get in even a short workout.

Here's a look at how my week went-


20 min Evening Yoga Flow with Kristin

I'm starting off my week with an evening flow, which is perfect because it was a great way to ease into the day. Nothing too fast or intense- just relaxing flows. I haven't taken a class with Kristin in a while but I love her style and need to get back to it!

45 min Bike Bootcamp with Jess

It felt great to be back to Monday Mayhem! This was the first class in a while that I actually felt like I pushed myself and I could FEEL it. This was a tough class but I was proud of myself at the end which is a feeling I've been missing.


10 min Morning Yoga with Mariana

I was having some technical difficulties this morning- none of the yoga classes wanted to load, and then I was halfway through this class that was supposed to be 20 minutes and it shut off! Oh well, I tried.

25 min Run

Man it's a hot one! Warm day today but I kept my pace slow. My legs were super sore from yesterday's boot camp (all of the squats and lunges really got me) so I just tried to enjoy the sunshine. When I got home I did a stretch and Week 2, Day 1 of Crush Your Core.


10 min Full Body Stretch with Jess Sims

Wanted to switch things up a bit this morning so I did a stretch instead of yoga. I liked a lot of the moves in this one and that we held each position for a while. Great stretch.

30 min Walk + Run with Jess Sims

Headed out to the park at lunch for a trail run. I liked this playlist a ton (Jess always has great music). I was originally planning on actually walking and running this, but I just took the trails slowly and ran the entire time. Felt really great out there.


20 min Mood Yoga Flow : Calm with Aditi

I have to admit- this week, the stress of moving and feeling like I have a mountain of tasks to do is really starting to get to me. I couldn't fall asleep last night, so today this class was just what I needed. Peloton just came out with the Mood Series, which is a set of classes that are targeting towards different moods from calm to happy to heated. I can't wait to try more but calm was perfect for what I needed today.


"Rest" Day / Packing!


More Packing...


5 mile Run

I met up with my best running friends to do my final loop around North Park! Being close to this park was of the main reason why we wanted to move to this area- I knew that this place was really special and it's meant so much to me these past 5 years (and the years before that when I would drive far to get here). Being able to come here to kayak and SUP before work or on lunch breaks, walk and hike with Selma on the trails, and train for countless races has been a true gift and I'll miss it so much! To be honest, I'm probably more sad about moving away from North Park than I am about selling our actual house, so I knew I had to do a proper send off. This run was so much fun with my friends (they even brought me a tiara headband to wear) and we were lucky to have low temperatures! Perfect way to say goodbye to my favorite park.


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