Trial Ending

Good morning and Happy Monday! Pittsburgh is a little dreary and rainy this morning but last week was absolutely gorgeous. We had a couple of super hot days, and it really felt like summer has arrived. I'm hoping the rain will stop for the rest of the week because we have house painters to do our exterior, and our move date is next week! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.

Here's a look at my week-


10 min Yoga Flow with Kirra (Peloton)

New week- same start with my morning yoga. Today's was actually live which was a nice change of pace. I even got a shout-out before class which was exciting! 

30 min Hip Hop Ride with Alex (P)

I haven't taken a ride with Alex for a while but this one was super fun. Great playlist and great energy.

5 min Core Strength with Emma (P)

Week 1, Day 2 of the Crush your Core program. Another class where we pushed the entire time so I was super tired by the end!


20 min Slow Flow with Chelsea (P)

Relaxing start to the day with some nice hip stretches and twists. Slow flow is definitely the way to go in the morning.

25 min Run

It was HOT and SUNNY out on this run and felt like summer- I absolutely loved it! Summer running is my favorite and I was really enjoying this. I listened to a walk+run class for the first part of this but kept running the entire time. When Andy said to walk I would just slow down a bit but I didn't want to stop!


10 min Focus Flow: Hips with Mariana (P)

Dan wanted to do a hip focused class and I definitely needed it too after running, so this one was the winner. It was a little fast-paced for the morning, so I probably should have chosen a longer one, but I had an early morning meeting and not much time.

30 min Verzuz Ride with Kendall (P)

The next artists featured in Verzuz are the incredible John Legend and Alicia Keys- two of my FAVORITE artists of all times. This ride was was great to hear two musicians with such talent to be played for 30 minutes straight. Loved this!


Mindful Cooldown with Jessica (Apple Fitness +)

I wish Apple had longer mindful cooldowns- this one was the longest at 10 minutes and I wanted more! There were some great stretches and movement and then a meditation about reaching your dreams. It ended and I was wishing it was twice as long.

Treadmill with Jamie-Ray (AF+)

Today was the last day of my Apple Fitness trial so I wanted to try out one last run instructor. I liked Jamie-Ray a lot and how he had us visualize running up to the top of a mountain with friends and passing them one by one. This run was great! It also reminded me that I need to start hydrating much more- it was HOT out and I didn't drink enough water before (or bring any with me) so I was really tired and sweaty by the end.

1 hour Kayak

Perfect day for a float around the lake. Did not push it too hard at all and just enjoyed relaxing. Even though I had a ton of sunscreen on I still got a little red- time to start covering up when I'm outside!


30 min Pop Run with Jess King (P)

It was another hot day out (almost 90 degrees) which meant it was the perfect temperature for a trail run. I love running on trails in summer because you're shaded from the sun and it feels so much cooler. I did the green and orange trails at North Park and was super excited to see new outdoor runs with Jess King come available! She's one of my favorite instructors so I can't wait for her to join me on my runs.

10 min Core Strength with Emma (P)

Definitely forgot about my Crush Your Core program so did this one a little later than I was supposed to. Whoops! This was a longer class and definitely felt harder. That extra 5 minutes is tough!


30 min Classical Slow Flow (P)

Such a nice and relaxing class to start my day with. I loved the music and the moves were nice and easy and felt great.

10 min Core Strength with Emma (P)

Finished off week one of the program with this tough class. There was also a great full body stretch (need to come back to that one because it felt great).

30 min APIHM Bollywood Ride with Sam (P)

I just wanted a nice and easy and fun ride- and this definitely fit the bill. I love Sam's energy..he's so positive and encouraging and makes class really fun. Loved this ride and learning some Bollywood dance moves!


3 mile Hike

Dan and I headed west to meet up with some friends at Cuyahoga Valley National Park! I was here two years ago and knew I had to come back to hike. The Ledges Trail was just as beautiful as I remembered, and luckily not too busy. This trail is a relatively easy loop and we had a great time catching up with friends and exploring. After the hike we stopped by Missing Mountain Brewery and then North Water Brewing. Both were delicious!


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