Chasing Waterfalls

Happy Monday everyone! This was a crazy busy week - a little midweek camping trip as well as some fun on the weekend. It was a little bit all over the place which is always nice to help break up the monotony I've been having this year! I hope you all had a great week as well, and enjoyed some warmer weather. Here's what my week looked like!


10 min Yoga Flow with Mariana (Peloton)

This might have been a short class but it was really great! It was a beginner level so everything felt nice but we still moved a lot. I'm getting more used to the Spanish in this class and I'm loving it!

Time to Walk with Nick Jonas (Apple Fitness +)

This week's walk was with the one and only Nick Jonas! I was a fan of the Jonas Brothers back in the day and still love Nick's music (I'm also enjoying him as a coach this year on The Voice). It was interesting hearing how the band got started and how he's dealt with career changes in his life. I also liked hearing about how he met his wife!


Mindful Cooldown with Jonelle (AF+)

Best start to the day- gentle stretches and some meditation. 

1 hour Kayak

I was meeting up with a friend for some outdoor watercolor painting, and decided to go for a quick kayak ride beforehand. It was a HOT day- in the 80s and sunny- so the park and lake were packed full of people. I just got this inflatable kayak from Amazon  (FYI- price seems to fluctuate a lot but I bought it for $90 which seems to be the lowest) so that I can go kayaking solo. So far I'm really liking this kayak- it gets the job done and I was able to set it up and carry it in by myself, then just relax in the water.

20 min Funk Ride with Sam (P)

Fun playlist and great way to shake out my legs. I always love Sam's class and leave in a better mood.


5 mile Hike

Dan and I headed out to Rickett's Glen State Park for a quick camping trip. One of the highlights of the park is the Falls Trail, which follows a stream down into a ravine and consists of 21 waterfalls that range from 11 to 94 feet. I'm not exagerating when I say this was one of my favorite hikes that I've ever taken and was one of the most beautiful things I've seen! I love hiking along water, and this just took it to another level. 

Luckily, the weather was perfect for this hike, because the rest of our trip got completely rained out! We were hoping to kayak in the lake (which was right on our campsite) and hike more of this trail, but unfortunately we mostly stayed in our tent while we hoped for clear skies.


4 mile Hike

I was getting a little antsy by mid-afternoon of being stuck in our tent, so I convinced Dan to go for a hike on some of the flatter trails. We started out with the Beach Trail, which would be really beautiful on a clear day. It was kind of eerie not being able to see the horizon at all, and looked like we were walking in a cloud! We went all the way to the beach/swim area, then headed back on the Bear Walk Trail. It was another nice trail, and it felt great to stretch our legs a bit..even if they ended up soaking wet!


45 min USHER Yoga Flow with Chelsea (P)

We ended up leaving early in the morning to drive home, and I took this great class to help stretch out my achy muscles. I loved this flow- it wasn't too hard or fast paced. Plus, you can't beat Usher's music!

30 min XOXO, Cody Ride (P)

After I finished the class, I realized there was a live ride with my boo starting at that exact moment. Of course I had to join in! Cody is so hilarious, and I love the format of these classes. If you haven't taken one and are in need of cheering up, add it to your list.


30 min Homecoming Run with Matt (P)

It was Homecoming Week for Peloton, which is when new features are announced, special classes are held, and panels with celebrity guests on a variety of topics are hosted. Of course this year everything was virtual, including this run. I liked the playlist a lot, which featured all songs with "home" in the title. Anytime I take a few days off of running I always feel so out of shape, so the start of this run was definitely a struggle! About halfway in I loosened up though, but why does running always have to be like that!?

5 min Standing Yoga with Chelsea (P)

Took this class to cool down from my run- it felt great to shake out and I got Dan to join me!


11 mile Bike Ride

It was a gorgeous day and really hot, so we met up with a friend for a bike ride around the city! We made some pit stops along the way and got to enjoy the beautiful day with brunch at Federal Galley, coffee at De Fer, and beers and sushi burritos at the Roundabout Brewery pop up. I love days like this when we can just explore and take random bike trails. So much fun!

10 min Yoga Flow with Kirra (P)

There's another new yoga instructor that just started so I had to take her class as well! I really liked this- she was really fun and was all about trying different postures and not being afraid to mess up. She seems super laid back so I'm looking forward to taking more of her classes.


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