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Happy Monday everyone! This was a really fun week, with some time at the beach and also a new run club that I joined! There was a little bit of everything, and it's been so much fun to start exploring a bit more. Hopefully more to come! Here's a look at how the week went-


10 min Standing Yoga with Denis

Dan and I made it up for the sunrise this morning and then did a quick yoga flow to kick off the day. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL out and the entire day was pretty much perfect. We spent a lot of time at the beach and played some football, took some walks, and relaxed.


20 min 90s Ride with Cody

We got back from the beach in the morning so it felt great to take this ride to shake out my legs and get back in the swing of things. I biked for a little longer after class (which was a ton of fun of course) and watched the Olympic Trials for swimming. 


30 min Power Walk with Becs

Explored a bit of the neighborhood for my morning walk today and enjoyed this playlist. I usually just listen to a podcast (last two weeks was all tennis podcasts for the French Open) but I felt like music this morning. It was a bit cooler and the sun was out- great start to the day! I also did a morning yoga class when I got home.

3 mile Run

Today was my first Run Club in a long time. I heard about one at House of Hops in Raleigh and decided to give it a try! The group is still not running together but after I did my run (with one of the members who thankfully let me join her) I got to hang out with the group and drink some beer! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, so I'm glad that I found a way to meet some people. Can't wait to go back!


7 mile Bike Ride

Dan and I headed to Bond Park after work to explore some of the greenways! There are so many that connect from this park, so we picked one and headed in that direction until we wanted to go back and picked another one. It was a beautiful trail surrounded by trees, and we went by a few lakes. Can't wait to try out more of the trails!


30 min Country Walk with Selena

Such a gorgeous morning out! Selma and I did a loop around the lake while I listened to this fun playlist. The water was so calm- I can't wait to get out there soon.

10 min Yoga

Dan requested morning yoga for lower back today, so I found a new class on Youtube. This was my first time trying out the instructor and I liked her a lot! This class was more like stretches than a flow, but it felt really great.

3.5 mile Run

At run club I got invited to a fun birthday party/run! The plan was 3.5 miles, running from one person's house to the next and having a drink at each house. It was kind of like a beer mile (which I've never done) and was so much fun but also got a little dicey at the end. Good experience for sure but probably won't replicate for a while (maybe for next year's birthday party!)


30 min Juneteenth Ride with Alex

Definitely needed to take it easy after yesterday's "run", so I was excited to take this ride as a recovery. It was a fun playlist and a great celebration of black artists. I want to take more of the new Juneteenth classes that came out this year with Peloton- the ones from last year are still some of my favorites that I've taken so far.


3 mile Run

Got my run done early in the morning because it was supposed to rain all day. It was clear when I started but quickly started to drizzle! It actually felt great, and I was protected by the trees for most of the run. For the first 20 minutes I took Jess Sims's new outdoor pop run, then listened to a podcast for the rest.


  1. I am so impressed with how you have gotten out there already and met people! It really seems like you are figuring out your new home, and how you want to live there. Do you think this will be a long-term move? Or are you waiting-and-seeing? I hope that it's still going well for you!

    1. Thanks Anne! I still feel like I'm figuring stuff out haha...good to know it seems like I have it together though :) I don't think this will be long term...my husband and I both want to travel and live all over the world eventually so this is just a starting point for us! But we'll see what happens!

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