Clicking in Place

Good morning everyone! Last week was the week that everything felt like it was starting to click into place- the rest of our furniture got delivered and the last of our boxes have been unpacked, so I'm feeling a lot more settled. I also have somewhat of a routine starting and am getting out to new parks a lot more, so things are looking up. Here's a look at how the week went!


20 min Mood Yoga Flow: Calm with Aditi

I've taken this class before and had to revisit because it's one of my favorites. This is just what I like in a yoga class- stretches, relaxation, easy flow. Highly recommend checking this one out.

30 min Kayak

Finally got out for a kayak in our new home! We went to the lake where I walk and run and just did a quick 30 minute paddle. The lake is the perfect size- not too big or small. I also saw lots of turtles and a few beautiful birds! Great way to break up the day and spend lunchtime out in nature.

1 mile Walk

I made a list of all the parks in my area and my goal for this year is to cross them all off! Got started today with Jack Smith Park and went on the trail around the complex with Dan and Selma. I loved the whirligigs and climbing wall! 


30 min Global Running Day Celebration with Selena

Started this run at another new park- Apex Jaycee. There's a greenway that goes to another nearby park (about 2 miles away) so my goal was to cross off two parks at once! Unfortunately there was some construction towards the end of the trail so I didn't make it, but it was so humid out that I was fine to turn around early. The trail itself was beautiful, and I liked this fun playlist a lot. Even though I was struggling a bit Selena kept reminding me how lucky we are to get to run so it helped me enjoy it a lot more.

1.25 mile Walk

Explored some of the trails behind our apartment on our walk this afternoon. I didn't mean to go out this long but it was such a nice afternoon that we kept going.


3.4 mile Run

Made it to the House of Hops Run Club again this week! This time I ran the official route and passed by a ton of the members which was fun (they're still running separately but meeting up afterwards for drinks). The route is pretty much downhill until getting to the greenway, then all uphill. I turned around at the greenway but next time I come I want to head down the trail a bit. Baby steps to get my endurance back up! The highlight of the night though was when this little fuzzball joined our group. What a cutie!


10 min Yoga Flow with Chelsea

Wanted something short and sweet this morning and this class fit the bill. Nothing too strenuous but a great flow! I really enjoyed it and missed taking classes with Chelsea.

12 mile Bike Ride

Dan and I checked out part of the White Oak Creek Greenway- starting at the White Oak Park and going west until we hit the American Tobacco Trail. This is probably one of my favorite trails that I've ever biked on- it was about half paved winding through a forested area and half boardwalks in a wetland. It reminded me of biking in the Everglades (minus the alligators..I think!). There were some rolling hills but it was mostly flat and amazing! We did a tiny section of the ATT but I want to go back for a longer ride- it goes all the way up to Durham. On the way back we stopped at a bottle shop for a quick beer and some food to fuel up after that ride.


2.25 mile Walk

Took a lunchtime walk at Bond Park and explored the Lake Trail. I really liked this one- it was about half paved and half trails. Selma and Dan joined me and we all had a great time!

20 min Reggae Run with Selena

Quick run after work around the lake. This felt so good- I took it easy and just enjoyed the fun music on this playlist.


1 hour SUP

Kicked off the weekend with a morning paddle at Harris Lake. This park is really close to us and absolutely gorgeous. It was one of the most secluded and quiet places that I've ever paddled before- I really felt like we were the only people there and felt really peaceful. I can see myself coming here a lot- there are also some hiking trails and biking paths.


1 mile Walk

What a beautiful day for a walk! We headed to the store first thing in the morning to beat the morning rush, then watched the Formula One race and Tour de France. After they all ended we headed to Salem Ponds Park and followed the loop around the two ponds. It was so beautiful out there and we saw a ton of turtles in the water. 

20 min Walk + Run with Jess Sims

I decided to try out the treadmill at my apartment's gym and finally got to take a Peloton workout on the tread! It was really fun and time went by really quickly. I don't think this will replace my outdoor runs, but it's nice to have a backup option.

30 min Pro Cyclist Ride with Christian Vande Velde

Ended the week with this ride in honor of Tour de France starting! I've never watched it before but Dan is really into it, so it's been really fun to learn about the sport and see all the beautiful scenery. Christian is a former pro rider who's competed in the Tour in the past. I definitely did not take this ride as hard as it was supposed to be but it was fun having a different instructor and hearing some stories of his racing days.


  1. Wow, how many unique parks did you visit just this week? I'm really impressed! Your exploration of your new area is amazing, like I said before. And, how is Selma navigating the move? Is she excited to check out new places (and new smells)? :)

    1. She absolutely loves it here!! We can't explore too much with her since it's been so hot, so I can't wait for it to cool down and take her on longer walks and maybe even a camping trip!

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