Hi everyone! If you missed my announcement last week- I just moved to North Carolina and so far I'm loving it! This week was all about getting back into a routine and getting a lay of the land. I explored a bit of my neighborhood, went on lots of walks and some runs, and even made it out for a bike ride! I can't wait to see even more and share what I'm loving along the way.

Here's how my week of workouts went-


20 min Pride Reset Yoga Flow with Denis

This was just the flow that I needed this morning to get back in the groove after moving. Alexa recommended this class to me and it was a perfect morning class with just a bit of tough movements but mostly just nice stretches.


20 min Hip Hop Run with Adrian

Got out for a quick lunchtime run and it was HOT! Still getting used to summer running (and the humidity of North Carolina). It honestly wasn't that bad until I was just about done with my run- might start going out with my handheld water bottle for longer runs. I really liked this playlist, especially since it started with one of my favorites- Rack City! I also got to do this in my new neighborhood park- get ready to see this lake a lot! The path around the lake is just over 2 miles which is perfect, and lots of trails and street connecters around. Can't wait to explore more!

20 min Hip Hop Walk with Jess Sims

I took this class on my bike and it was the perfect class to get back in the swing of working out. It's been a bunch of weeks without much working out besides my runs and daily walk, so it felt nice to just be on my bike again. Plus, any class with Jess Sims makes me happy.


15 min Yoga Flow with Aditi

I haven't taken too many 15 minute classes- I still think that 20 is my favorite because this one felt just a bit rushed to me. We did a lot of moves out of Warrior 2 which was fun but at the end I wanted more.

2 mile Bike Ride

Finally got to head outside for a bike ride! Just went on a quick loop of the lake to shake off the rust. The path was pretty crowded so we probably won't bike there too often, but luckily it meets up with lots of bike paths to go through town!


20 min Pop Run with Matt

Another humid, fun lake loop! This went by super quickly and I felt great at the end. Finally feel like I'm getting used to the humidity and looking forward to some longer runs coming up soon. When I got home I did a quick 10 minute standing yoga flow before my morning meetings started.

10 mile Bike Ride

Dan and I headed out at lunch to bike to a coffee shop that's about 5 miles away. We were able to stay on a bike path the entire way and it was awesome! This was one of the reasons why we chose this area- super bike friendly and I can't wait to keep exploring more. At the coffee shop (Crema Coffee Roasters) I got a mango latte (which was basically milk with some delicious mango puree- very refreshing!) and some whole beans, then we biked back. Looking forward to doing this many more times!


2.5 mile Walk

I've been taking Selma on walks every day, but I decided that Friday will be our long walk day. We did the whole lake loop this morning and even went in for a quick swim. She was so happy and we saw a beautiful bird on the way. I think it's a blue heron but if there are any bird lovers out there please let me know!

30 min Sam Smith Bike Bootcamp with Cody
I made it back from my walk just in time for this class. I absolutely love Sam Smith so I was really excited to take this with all of their music! It was mostly remixes which was fun. I took it pretty easy since my legs were still exhausted from yesterday's ride and run, but it was a great start to the day.



We headed to the beach for a quick weekend trip to visit a friend who was vacationing at the Outer Banks. Yay for living close by! It's crazy that it's only a 3 hour drive to get to an amazing beach like Nag's Head. We stopped along the way in Rocky Mount for coffee (at Books and Beans) and I really want to go back soon...the town was adorable! We brought Selma along for the trip as well and she had her first experience in the ocean!


More beach fun with a few walks thrown in, some games, a bit of football, and yoga. The house our friends rented from Airbnb is just a few blocks from the beach and has 3 levels of decks outside so you can see the water from the top! Perfect spot for some yoga.


  1. Definitely looks like a Great Blue Heron to me! We had them in the swamps near me growing up in Virginia. Congrats on making the move!

    1. They're such beautiful birds..thanks for helping me identify it! And thank you very much for the congrats!

  2. I'll be interested to see what you think of winter in NC vs. winter in Pittsburgh! That will be quite a change...
    And, congratulations on the move. It sounds like you are already settling in well (you must be, if the bike is up and functional!) and getting used to your new city/town! Wonderful that you found another lake for running, too!

    1. I can't wait for winter here....if we don't have ice or too much snow I'll be very happy! Thank you! :)

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