Before and After : Our First House

Happy Wednesday everyone, and happy house listing day to me! We officially listed our house for sale today after a whirlwind of a few months. It's crazy to think back to this time last year and having no plans of moving, and now our house is on the market. 

I wanted to share some before and after pictures of all of the work we did (or, for the order I'm sharing pictures, After and Before)- nothing too crazy in terms of construction, but lots of cosmetic changes and improvements. The best part to me is that besides the exterior paint and windows, we did every single change ourselves.

Let's get to the changes, room by room (btw- interior pictures taken by the amazing photographer that our agent works with..she did SUCH a great job).


  • Repainted exterior (Sherwin Williams Snowbound on brick, Georgian Bay on accents)
  • Removed bushes and added flowering bushes (azalea) and hanging basket (pothos)
  • Replaced porch light
  • Powerwashed sidewalk and chimney

  • Replaced deck and stairs
  • Replaced outdoor light
  • Replaced fence posts
  • Added fire pit, garden, and shed
  • Added gates by garden and side yard

Living Room

  • Repainted walls (Sherwin Williams Morning Fog)
  • Painted fireplace (Sherwin Williams Dark Night)
  • Added clock over mantle
  • Switched fireplace screen
  • Added hooks in entry
  • Repainted tile grout in entry
  • Replaced windows and curtains

Kitchen / Dining Room

  • Repainted walls (Sherwin Williams Gibraltar and white accent wall)
  • Added backsplash in kitchen
  • Changed cabinet knobs
  • Replaced windows
  • Added shelves and railing storage
  • PS- read more about what we did here!


  • Repainted walls (Sherwin Williams Olympus White in office, Morning Fog in bedroom)
  • Added corner shelves
  • Replaced windows


  • Repainted walls (Sherwin Williams Gibraltar) and trim (gloss white)
  • Installed vinyl floor
  • Installed shelves
  • Replaced sink fixtures
  • Repainted mirror
  • Replaced window with privacy screen, removed window shade
  • PS- read more about what we did here!


  • Repainted Walls (Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray)
  • Replaced water shutoff box
  • Added shelving in laundry room

And that's our house! I love everything that we did, but if we stayed longer and had more time I would want to build out a better sitting area around the fire pit with steps and maybe a water feature, add a second bathroom in the basement, and get better storage for the garage. Also landscape better- we have tons of spaces for flowers but never really got into that!

Which room is your favorite? 
Is there anything you would have done differently?


  1. Wow, I am impressed with the changes you made - and that you did them all yourselves! I don't know which room would be my favorite, to be honest! I'd like to know which room was your favorite post-renovations! And which was the one you disliked most before renovations. Ha.

    1. Funny enough my least favorite before and most favorite after is the bathroom! Maybe just because that one felt like it had the biggest change and like I got to put my style in it the most. But I definitely enjoyed the most time on the deck (which was also the hardest project we worked on!)

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