Hustle Hard

This week felt like an absolute whirlwind. I always feel like weeks that start with a Monday holiday are hectic, and this definitely was. It seemed like every day there was something going on, with a super busy and social weekend! It was exhausting in the best way possible. Let's get to a recap of my week of workouts!


10 mile Bike

Morning bike ride to kick off my Labor Day. Dan and I started at the Art Museum and followed the "Art to Heart" trail, which follows some greenways to head to downtown Raleigh. The trail goes through Meredith College, NC State, and a bunch of parks. Our route was a lot hillier than I expected but was really fun! I loved the parts that were on greenways, but didn't love biking along a few busy roads. It was something that was on my Raleigh To-Do List though, so I'm glad I got to cross it off.

30 min Rock Run with Becs

Went out on this run in the afternoon while listening to this fun playlist. I'm finally getting out of my regular route and exploring the neighborhoods around me which is so much fun! In Pittsburgh, my neighborhood didn't have any sidewalks so I'm really enjoying just being able to pick a direction and go (without having to worry about getting hit by a car).


2 mile Walk

Got out at lunchtime for a great hike at Hemlock Bluffs. The weather was absolutely PERFECT and it was starting to smell a bit like fall in the air! This park has two loops you can do, and we decided to put them both together for this longer hike. Great mid-day break!


3.5 mile Run

Had to miss Run Club today because a big storm was passing by right when I would be running, so I did a few solo miles around my neighborhood. I ran through some of the nice streets near me and found a way to connect them to my regular loop! Yay for more routes!


30 min Intervals and Arms with Cody

I have not been using my spin bike recently (which I guess is a good thing since I've been spending a lot of time outside) but morning rain cancelled my plans for an outdoor bike ride. I took this class that I had saved for almost a year and it was so much fun! I had to take a class with Cody in honor of him joining this season of Dancing with the Stars, and I'm so excited to watch him on the show- and in class :)


2 mile Walk

When I woke up and saw the temperature was in the 50's (59 but still counts) I jumped out of bed to take Selma for a long walk. It was perfectly crisp with just a bit of sunny heat. I brought along my hot coffee with pumpkin spice syrup in it and was in pre-fall heaven. When I got home, Dan and I did a 20 minute yoga class.

20 min 90s Run with Adrian

It still felt amazing out after work so I went out for a quick run with one of the latest outdoor workouts on Peloton. The playlist was so much fun with a bunch of fun throwback songs. I felt so good the entire time!


15 mile Bike

Dan and I kicked off our weekend by heading north to Wake Forest to bike on the Neuse River trail. We've biked on it once before on a different section, but I really liked this one. It was much more quiet and not crowded at all, plus the scenery was gorgeous. We made it to Horseshoe Farm Nature Preserve and then turned around and biked back to the car for a nice easy bike ride.

2 hour SUP

After our bike ride, we headed over to Falls Lake to go paddling for a bit. We put in at Beaver Dam, which is an area for non-motored boats, so it was very peaceful. The weather was absolutely perfect for floating around and I loved hanging out there.


5.8 mile Run

Woke up early to meet up with Charline to go on a fun run. We started off at North Cary Park and ran to Lake Crabtree along the greenway. We explored some of the trails in the park and it was incredible. The trails follow along with the water and aren't too technical, so you can really take in the scenery. We only did a few miles on the trails but I want to do a longer run there next time. It was such a great run with some great conversation as well!

1 hour Yoga

After resting for a bit from the run, I headed to a local brewery for a yoga class my friend Erica was teaching. It was outdoors and surrounded by trees that provided lots of shade. The class was tough but it felt great to be outside and pushing myself. Plus- the beer at the end definitely helped :)


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