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It's race week! Saturday is the big day, so last week was really about last minute touches and getting mentally ready. I had some great workouts that made me feel ready so now I just have to make it to the beach and put all my work to the test! I'm definitely thinking of this race as a victory lap and finishing it (and having fun) will be my goal. Let's go!!!

Here's how my final week of workouts went-


7 mile bike

I got my bike back so I had to do a test ride with my new tires. I did a route that is my go-to for a shorter ride, and it was crazy how much faster I was! Compared to the same route, I was almost a full minute faster per mile, and I didn't feel like I was pushing the pace at all. This gets me so excited for the race!

1 hour yoga

Post-work yoga with Erica at the Art Museum was just what I needed to end the day. I always love these ones because they're a bit slower and more stretchy than usual, which is great after getting through the first day of the work week.


Rest Day!

Tuesday is not usually my rest day, but I woke up super early to drop Dan off at the airport and then picked him up late at night- he had a quick trip for work and I offered to be his chauffer. I was so tired so didn't feel like doing anything except taking Selma for a nice long walk as soon as the sun rose.


1,000 yard swim

Last pool swim of the year because our neighborhood pool is closing for the year! I'm sad that it's closing because I really enjoyed swimming the past few months and it's quickly become one of my favorite exercises. Wish I did it a bit more- maybe next year I'll start doing 3 days of swimming a week. 


30 min Walk + Run

I felt so good on this walk + run! I did a lot more running and just took a few breaks to walk which always feels so good. Legs are feeling great!


7 mile bike
Easy ride doing another test ride on my new tires. This time I took them to the Tobacco Trail which is crushed stone, so it was definitely more challenging and made me feel more confident for the roads.


Open Water Swim

Final swim and it was a really good one! We went to Jordan Lake again to work on our open water swimming and I felt more comfortable than any other swim so far. I was able to go further and not stop which was a big deal for me! I'm feeling as ready as I think I will be- it's just about go time :)


Canes 5k

Dan and I signed up for a race put on by the Carolina Hurricanes and it was the perfect shakeout before the triathlon to get out some race day jitters. We ran together and ended up finishing right under 30:00! The course was constant hills and sun so it was a little rough but I enjoyed it a lot. I forget how fun races can be sometimes! We also met up with the other friends we're doing the triathlon with so it was a great way to keep off race week. After the race we got to watch a hockey showcase with some of the up and coming players and had a great breakfast and beers as well!


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