August Reads and Reviews

I had another up and down month of books! On one hand, I had what might be my favorite book of the year so far, and on the other I had some duds and one that I gave up on. Let's see what I read- and please leave suggestions on some fun fall books I can read the next few months! 

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

There was a lot of hype around this book- I saw it everywhere on Instagram and Tik Tok, and the wait at the library was months long. I wasn't sure what to expect, but as soon as I started I was pulled into this incredible world. This book takes place in a world that's like Harry Potter meets Hunger Games, with more dragons thrown in. There's a lot of action, as well as sweet moments and some romance as well. I loved this so much, and definitely think it's one of my favorite books so far this year.
My Rating - 5/5 obviously!

Mean Baby by Selma Blair

You should already know that I love celebrity memoirs, and I also love Selma Blair as a person (from what I've seen at least) and as an actress, so I was so excited to read her book! I was unfortunately pretty disappointed in this. Her stories were interesting and at times really heartbreaking, but it was so hard to follow because she jumps around in time a lot, and does so much name dropping (which is my pet peeve in celebrity memoirs!).

My Rating - 3/5

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

This was another hyped book that I've heard about for a while, and it was a really interesting read. Most thrillers have twists up until the end to leave you guessing, but this one you find out the twist pretty early on and just have to hang along for the ride. It was kind of out there for me, and I didn't find the characters sympathetic or realistic at all.

My Rating - 3/5


Hello Stranger by Katherine Center  - Another winner for me by Katherine Center! I liked the premise of this- a portrait artist has temporary facial blindness during the biggest competition of her life. Lots of hijinks ensue, and I loved following along and the twist at the end.

Happy Place by Emily Henry - For some reason I mostly only read Emily Henry books by audiobook, and this one is unfortunately my least favorite of hers. I didn't like any of the characters, and thought the whole plot was frustrating. Also, I think I'm tired of rich kids whining about losing their free beach or lake house that they've had access to for this one overall was a miss for me.


The Talented Miss Farwell by Emily Gray Tedrowe - This was a book club pick, and it just dragged on for me! I liked the first part, but after a while it just got so slow that I gave it up. Only two people in my club finished the book, so it definitely wasn't a popular pick.


  1. I requested Fourth Wing from my library. I'm 232 in line! I'll be able to talk about it sometime next year. LOL.

    1. I was also super high in the waiting line and it came to me way ahead of schedule! It's such a quick read so hopefully people will get through it quickly so you can read soon!


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