So close

We are getting closer and closer to my next (and possibly last?) race of the year! It was a great week of training- minus doing some road biking because my bike was in the shop getting a tune up for the race. Otherwise, things are clicking in place and I'm excited to see if I have any improvements from the race last year!

Here's how the week went-


1000 yard swim

I did a straight swim today- no sets or warmups, just swim nonstop. I felt good on this and could have kept going which is always a good thing!

4.5 mile hike

Since it was a holiday, I decided to go out to my favorite park for a hike. I was also planning on kayaking afterwards but it seemed like that was everyone's plan and it was super crowded! So, I just ended my kayak and headed home to relax the rest of the day.


40 min run
If you can tell by our expressions, it was a toasty one this morning! I joined Erica for a run around the Art Museum, and we took it easy with some walks up the hills. 


1 hour Bootcamp

Today's class was all about squats- we had 3 different types and they were killer. We also ended with some burpees and I was so tired by the end!


Rest day!


30 min run
I made the big mistake of waiting to run until lunchtime, and it was HOT! I actually felt decent for the first half of the run, and then took it easy for the second half. I didn't bring water with me which was a big fail on my part, but I made it through this!


1 hour bike

My goal for today was to do an outdoor ride and an open water swim, but we had bad storms all day and were stuck inside! So, I decided to do a longer stationary bike while watching the US Open womens final, and it was great entertainment while I rode. I would climb on the commercial breaks and do flat roads while they played, so it was a pretty easy ride. What a match though!


1200 yard swim
Since I didn't get to swim yesterday, my goal for the morning was to do a pool workout followed by a run. It was a little bit chilly and misty out in the morning but the water felt great! I had a great swim workout with 200 yard repeats and felt like I could have kept going forever.

1 mile run
The run afterwards also felt really good- I was able to push the pace a bit and get to some speeds I haven't seen in a while which felt great!

1 hour yoga
I joined my friend Erica's class at Trophy Brewing and it was great! She highlighted artists at this year's Hopscotch music festival in Raleigh, so it was a nice selection of lesser known (at least to me) artists. Tough class after a full workout in the morning but felt great.


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