Monthly Goals : June

Happy June everyone!!
Usually months go by really quickly for me, but for some reason May really seemed to drag on.  I packed so much into the month, so I'm more than ready for a new month to start.  As usual, at the beginning of the month I go over my goals and see which ones I hit and which ones I missed.  Keep reading to see how I did in May, and what I'm planning for June! 

Fitness Goals:

- Try a new workout classTechnically, no, but I did join the True Runner Run Club.  I count this as hitting my goal - my reasoning for having this be a goal was to get out of my comfort zone and try new things.  It was much more intimidating for me to join a running group than try out a different class at the gym, so I'm counting this as a victory.

- Negative split in the Team Alex 5 miler.  Ehhh no.  Not even close.  Started too fast and the heat got to me (badly) so this is a definite NOPE.

- Stretch and foam roll 5x a weekYes!  Incorporated lots of yoga and stretching into my month.  I think it helped me stay injury-free and running lots of miles.

- Stick to the plan. No.  Between traveling and having a sore hamstring, I missed a few workouts.  That's fine with me, though!  I hit the majority of my runs and cross trained at least twice a week.  Good enough for me!

Personal Goals:

- Go to church.  Yes!  I went a few times this month.  I'll keep this as my goal and try to continue to go during the summer!

- Read 2 books.  Yes - Girl on the Train and The Husband's Secret.  Both good, easy reads with twists and turns throughout. 

- NO SHOPPINGYes!! My most important goal, and I'm so happy to say that I did it.  I shouldn't be this proud to have not shopped, but I am!

- Cook Greek foodYupp-Check out my post here!

One more goal that I didn't publicly state but was my main goal of the month- become a Fitfluential Ambassador!  There are requirements for number of unique monthly viewers, and it was my goal to hit those numbers this month and be able to apply.  I did it, and was accepted as an ambassador and I couldn't be happier!  Thank you all for supporting my little blog and helping me share my love of running and fitness.  I can't thank you all enough for all the support and comments!  I appreciate it all, and I hope to continue to improve my content and my blog! 

Overall, this was a great month for me!  Here are some June goals:

Fitness Goals : 

- Run 100 miles.  I've gotten really close to this number each month, but haven't actually hit the magical number!  Hopefully June will be my month.

- Switch up my cross training routine.  I've been going to Group Centergy, Group Power and Spinning consistently for the past 6 months.  I think it's time to revamp my schedule and try out a new routine!

- Run at least 3 runs with Run Club. As mentioned above, I joined the True Runner Run Club, but I've only gone a few times in May.  I want to go to at least three of their runs this month!  I have to get to 10 runs to get my $20 gift certificate, so I need to start attending more!

 Personal Goals :

- Read 2 non-fiction books.  Now that I'm getting back into reading, I would like to read something more substantial.  If you have any suggestions on books I should check out please let me know (I love biographies, self-improvement, and anything about sports!) 

-  Finish my travel scrapbooks.  Every time that I leave the country, I make a scrapbook for the trip.  I'm way behind on my scrapbooks, so I would like to get caught up by the end of the month!  I would also love to share some highlights from past trips and make some more travel guides, so this would help jog my memory on my trips!

- Create a budget.  I want to create a guideline and plan on how much money I should save each month.  If anyone is interested, I'd love to dedicate a blog post to creating a budget (maybe with something that I learn from a self-improvement book!)

- Cook some Mexican food!  Eat around the world challenge continues this month with Mexico!  Can't wait ;)

What are your goals for June?
Does anyone have book suggestions or budget resources?


  1. My only goal is to keep making progress and keep moving forward. I started Pure Barre last month so that's my new class. I'm going twice a month to keep strengthening my weaknesses.

    1. That's a great goal to have, and I've heard great things about Pure Barre! I'm sure you're seeing improvements already :)

  2. Love your goals! I really need to work on creating a budget and sticking to it! Time to get all those finances under control! : ) My biggest goal for June is to stay healthy, continue to cross train (maybe even increase weights to 3x a week) and focus on core strength! Happy Tuesday!!

    1. Thank you! Budgets are SO hard to stick to..but we can do it! Good luck with your goals- you're awesome and I know you'll hit them!

  3. It sounds like you had a really good month. I absolutely love Greek food too but I cannot cook it to save my life. One of my goals this month is actually to work on my cooking.

    1. That's always a good goal! Hope you try out some fun recipes :) happy june, Hollie!

  4. These are AWESOME goals and congrats on what you've accomplished so far. I love that you are aiming to do something food, fitness and lifestyle related each month! :) I need to read more and would love to cook Greek food, because I sure do enjoy eating it!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley! Greek food is the best :)

  5. If you haven't read Running Ransom Road, you SO need to. It's about a newbie runner who is trying to make amends to the people he's hurt in his life by running marathons in notable places from his past.

    Also, I make my budgets monthly. What I'll do is have a "trial month," where I don't budget anything and spend freely (not like BUY ALL THE ICE CREAM, but I'll spend what I want when I want when my conscious says it's good). Then I'll keep track of EVERYTHING for that month and put it into buckets (food, rent, fun money, medical, etc), look at it at the end, and start making cuts where I think I could have spent less. I'll come up with numbers for each of my buckets to stick for the next few months!

    1. I absolutely love that idea!! Thanks for the suggestion! And also thank you for the book recommendation..definitely checking it out :)

  6. Awesome goals! I def need to make a budget this month too. I was supposed to last month but I never did. FAIL.

    1. Same here :( Hopefully we can both do it this month!

  7. I also found running with a run club very intimidating at first. Glad you tried it and liked it! Overall sounds like a great month, even with being on travel and taking a bit of rest. The no-shopping goals are always hard for me too. I find that if I deny myself completely, I go overboard when I do shop. One goal that works better for me is "make one purchase from X a month" or something so that I can still get something if I find something I'm dying to have. I also used to do travel scrapbooks but am so many years behind I'm not sure I could get caught up! Great goal though!

  8. This is such a great idea - I love it! I typicall set yearly goal, but I like the idea of breaking them down into monthly goals.

    Have you heard of MINT? It's a good budgeting tool. There is also the app 'Good Budget' that helps you manage different 'pools' of money throughout the month.


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